Rock Paper Scissors - Explaining how the game works

It's Rock, Paper, Scissors made easy! Played the world over to help dispute ties, RPS is a classic choice of quick game that anyone can play with no equipment involved!

How to play Rock, Paper, Scissors on iSpy Live

  • At the start of each round, players will have 30 seconds to select their hand. If you're not familiar with RPS, you have three choices: Rock, Paper and Scissors. If you don't need the full 30 seconds to make your decision, simply click "Choose Your Hand" to lock in your option.
  • Once both players have either locked in their hand or the timer runs out (in which case, a player who hasn't selected an option will have it randomized for them), the hands will be displayed to both players and points awarded to whichever selection beats the other.
  • As in standard Rock, Paper, Scissors, the circle of victory has rock beating scissors, scissors beating paper and paper beating rock. If players draw, no points will be received and the game will continue to the next round.
  • Players continue to fight off against one another until the end of round five, when the person with the highest number of points wins. In the event that both players have an equal number of points, the rounds will continue in a 'sudden death' approach, where the first person to win any of the following rounds wins the game.