Roulette - Explaining how the game works

Our Roulette game is a casino classic mixed with a new head-to-head element. Play over five rounds and finish with more chips than your opponent to win!

How to play Roulette on iSpy Live

  • At the start of each round, players have 45 seconds to place down their initial bet(s). Place your bets by selecting the chips at the bottom of the window and putting them onto the bet area which corresponds with your desired bet.
  • Once the first player has placed their bet(s), the second player will have 45 seconds to decide how they wish to place their own bets. If you wish to finalize your bet(s) before the 45 seconds are over, simply click the "Play" button in the bottom-right hand corner of the window.
  • Once the second player has finalized their bets, the wheel will spin and land on a number. Whoever made bets that result in a payout will receive their funds for the next rounds of betting.
  • The next round will give the player who acted second the opportunity to now act first. This will alternate until the fifth and final round.
  • At the end of round five, the player with the highest number of chips wins the game and receives the opponent's tokens as winnings – along with the return of their initial stake!