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Erotic stories are only as good as their authors. Fortunately for I Spy Live fans, we have a collection of the best erotica written by gorgeous models that you can interact with right here on the same website via their webcams as well. Find out if the story that turned you on most is a big of creative fiction, or a real life event being reenacted in text so that your sexy muse can share some of her most personal intimate moments with you in a whole new way. Then go even deeper and turn your own fantasy sessions into webcam realities right now!

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Double penetration experience

For those of you who just can’t get enough of me, I have great news. I decided to write a sex story here, for when it isn’t enough to watch me masturbate or spy on me, so here it goes. This one is from before I was a live sex model. I always was an amateur of sexual experiences, exploring and trying new stuff, so I guess you could say I’ve done some nasty things even before doing this one. I was in a serious relationship with this guy, gorgeous man with a perfect face, a big cock that just begged for a blow-job and the body of a sex god. We were one of those couples who never got bored and never ran out of ideas to please each other, but you guys know me, I’m a voyager to the wonderful world of self-pleasing, so even thou the sex I had with this guy was fucking amazing, I needed some me sexy time. I always kept my vibrator in a drawer next to my bed, so I could use it as I pleased, but I never talked to him about it because I didn’t want him to feel like he wasn’t pleasing me, or he wasn’t enough, that wasn’t the case at all. One day he arrived pretty late from work, I was already tucked in bed, waiting for him while watching TV. He took his clothes off leaving on just his boxer shorts, then he uncovered me and said: “What the fuck woman, you look sexy in everything you wear, even this lousy old shirt.” I wasn’t expecting to get some action and I thought he’d want to go to sleep as soon as he got home, so naturally I dressed like that, and it surprised me to see he is attracted to that. He started kissing me and touching me all over, like rushing to get me out of my clothes and fuck me. “You probably started without me,” he said. I looked at him very confuse, “I know about your little toy, but don’t worry, if anything I find it exciting, may I play with it as well? Let’s see if we can make this night into an amateur sex experience, you know, spice things up a bit?” I was intrigued and sort of aroused by his reaction, and that attitude full of self-confidence of his was turning me on. I made him sit on his back, and I started giving him a blowjob. He didn’t let me stay down there for too much, he wants to get inside me, fuck me and try out my toy, have some fun with it. So he shoved his cock inside my dripping wet pussy and said: “I remember a special someone being a fan of anal sex…” I said, “Yes, I am, you know me so well”. “Then let’s try this…”He stopped moving his hips and asked me to turn around and bend over, then he spits on his hand and started rubbing my asshole, sliding his fingers in and out, turning me on making me ask him to fuck me already. He carefully put the dildo inside my ass, then he leaned over and whispered into my ear “Do you like it?” I said, “Yes, please don’t stop, harder!” “Harder is my favorite word, especially when it comes from your naughty mouth, „he said, and then he shoved his hard cock into my shaved pussy. He was fucking me harder and harder, as I asked him to, and I was feeling so damn good, I was experiencing double penetration for the first time, and in that moment I never wanted it to end. I was dripping wet, and I was about to cum for the second time, creamy white juice was dripping all over from my shaved pussy and I couldn’t help but moan very loud and ask him to go harder and deeper with every breath I took. “I’m Cumming, „he said, and he took his hard cock out of my pussy, I was dripping wet and my ass was wet as well from his cum shot. I became a double penetration amateur and I’ll never forget that amazing experience, I’ll tell you more about it when you spy on my live chat shows, you can ask everything you want to know about it while you watch me play with my shaved pussy. Let me know if you want to read more sexy stories like this one, I have a plenty of them !
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Panty stuffing amateur

I have wanted to write an erotic sex story for quite a while now, they are very popular among the live sex fans and they will give you one more reason to spy on me, so here I go. As you probably know by now I am a fan of toys and I am willing to experience everything new at least once. Casual sex is totally under rated and it can lead to amazing surprises and good sex, if you make the right choices. The story I want to share with you guys here is just about that kind of experience. Sometimes I go out to blind dates, of just hang in a club with a few friends until I meet a hot guy that I want to fuck, what can I say, I am a voyageur in the world of amateur sex.
It was Saturday night and my best friend called me and asked if I want to go out dancing, so we went out. The club was amazing; we had a lot of drinks and danced our asses of. After quite a while I let my friend go dance with some guy, and I stayed at the table to enjoy my drink. This tall guy approached my table and asked if he could join me. We exchanged a few words and he asked if I would like to dance. The song was a slow one, I went to dance with him. He whispered in my ear “You must be the hottest girl I have seen in this club, want to go back to my place?” he was rubbing his hips against mine and I could already feel his boner. I didn’t know about the hot girl remark, but I chose to go with him anyway, I was bored and wanted to get laid, and he looked fine as hell.
When we got to his place, he said “I hope I wasn’t too direct, I really like you and I don’t usually do this, so I didn’t know how to approach the situation”. “Its fine, I don’t really care „I said, and grabbed his shirt to pull him closer and kiss him. He kissed me back sucking on my tongue and biting my lips softly. He took off my dress and my bra and he stopped from his fast devouring of me to suck on my hard nipples and fondle them, then he made his way down to my feet, kissing them all over and removing my stockings with such attention, you could swear they were the most precious thing on earth. His lips were thin and soft, but every kiss of his was so arousing it felt like fading into oblivion. I was waiting impatiently for his tongue to dance all over my wet pussy; he seemed to take quite a pleasure in making me wait. He took his time taking off my stockings and lingerie, and by the time his lips met mine, I was already soaking wet.
We were a couple of sex amateurs, that was for sure, and the whole experience was electric, I couldn’t help my moaning and heavy breathing, and while I was enjoying every fucking moment I couldn’t wait for the next one. Finally, he started kissing my shaved pussy, licking it all over to be more precise, sucking on my clit and dragging his fingers all over, and after a long time, he started fingering me. “Can I ask a weird question?” “Sure, I said, just don’t stop”. “See, I happen to have a weird fetish, he said, taking another go at my clit, I’m really into panty stuffing…but we don’t have to do it if you don’t like it…I can keep eating you up until you come, you do taste amazing.” “Well, I said, I can’t say I’ve tried it yet, but after what you’ve made me feel tonight, I’m pretty sure I can trust you to make me cum”. He pulled down my panties and smelled them, and after fingering me for a while he gently shoved them inside my shaved pussy. I made him lay down and I gave him a long blowjob. He held my head up and kissed me, then he took me from behind and started fucking me. He was moving very slow, shoving his cock deeper inside me with every move, and my pussy felt so good, like never before. After a few minutes I was ready to declare myself a panty stuffing amateur, I got on top and started fucking him instead, faster and faster, harder and harder, until we both came. He put him fingers inside my pussy once again, pulling out the panties that were dripping wet with cum. He took a long sniff then smiled and said “Can I please keep them? I want to remember your lovely smell”. I nodded and smiled, he put the panties inside his pocket. We spent a few hours talking. We departed with a goodbye blowjob and I never saw the guy again, but it was really one of the most awesome orgasms I’ve ever experienced, and yes, I’m still a voyageur in the world of sex, I’ll never stop experimenting.
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Foot fetish adventure

Hello guys, Selenaa here, I’ll fulfill your fantasies and take them to a whole new level. Up until recently I spent most of my time planning what to do for my next live chat show, I love what I do and I want to improve it with every performance I have. Recently I found out about these stories that models can write, so I thought I should write one, or more, we’ll see how this goes, so after I picked my sexy outfit for the next cam I got to writing.
For those of you who watch my live sex shows, or spy on them, my love for sexy lingerie is no surprise, but one of the sex experiences I’m about to tell you here was, at least for me, and I owe it all to my collection of lingerie.
So, before deciding to become a live cam model, I was your usual girl, well, kind of. I was hornier than most girls I believe, but there were some things I hadn’t experienced yet, just heard of, and one of those was the foot fetish. I always wondered what it was all about, and on a nice autumn night I met this guy in a club, who just wouldn’t take his eyes of me, especially my legs and feet. It felt kind of awkward, before the live sex part of my life I wasn’t used with people watching me with such lustful eyes, so I went over to him to ask why he was staring. “Excuse me sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you’ve been looking at me for quite a while now…” I said, but he interrupted me and said “I wondered when you will come and talk with me. I am sorry if I was rude or something, I just find you very attractive. I mean, look how good your legs look in those fishnets, and those opened toe sandals…I might be falling in love.” He told me all about his foot fetish and he complimented me a lot the way he described it made me so curious, and he was such a handsome man, I just decided to give this a try.
We went back to his hotel room. We started kissing, and it was great chemistry, I was really looking forward to this new experience, and it was long before it started. He lifted up my skirt, touching and kissing every inch of my legs, stopping occasionally to gently pull my stockings with his teeth, then kissing his way down to my feet. He untied the laces from my sandals, and took them of, so slow and gently as if he was caring for a precious thing. He took my foot in his hand, and started kissing it. It felt very good, so gentle and suave, his other hand was touching my legs, and the way up to my thighs, and I was already aroused. He took a glance at my feet once more, and then started kissing my toes, running his tongue in slow motions around them, then sucking them off. I couldn’t believe, this was foot fetish, and it was so good, so arousing. After quite a while he kissed his way up to my pussy, putting his fingers between the wholes of my fishnets to take my panties aside, and then he started licking me off through the fishnets. He was licking of my clit, his tongue was soft, and the fishnets were dripping wet already. He asked me if he could rip the fishnets off a bit, then when I nodded yes he ripped a small whole very carefully, as if it was a pity to destroy the stockings. He slid his tongue inside, between my lips, and I was so fucking wet and aroused I couldn’t hold in my moaning. I’d give you this; guys with feet fetish sure know how to eat up a pussy. I reached his cock with my foot, and I was rubbing it through his pants, while trembling with pleasure. His cock was already hard, and he raised his head from between my legs and said “You know how every guy dreams about blowjobs; well I would love to get a foot job from you. To feel your sexy feet rub against my cock until I cum. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to…”I don’t know what he wanted to say because I reached over and took his pants of, to get to his cock. “So far this experience has been amazing, I wouldn’t mind going on „I said, and I put both my feet around his cock, moving them gently up and down. He put his hand on my feet, as if assuring me it’s ok to move faster and harder, so I did. He was playing with my pussy fingering me and playing with my clit, while the moves of my feet were growing faster and faster. I ran my toes across the tip of his cock from time to time, and then I got back to rubbing his hard cock up and down, until he came on my feet. He wiped my feet clean, then started eating up my pussy and fingering me until I came. My stockings were dripping wet, and he was fascinated by it, and even asked to keep them. I gave them to it, and felt kind of good about it. I saw the guy a few times after, each experiences was more amazing than the other, and he also fucks like a rock star, maybe I’ll tell you more on my next story, or in one of my live sex shows, come spy on me to find out!
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I fucked my best friend

Here goes, I’m finally posting my story here. I was up last night after my live sex show and I decided I should write one of my stories and share it here, so you’ll have something to do when you can’t spy on me because I’m offline.
I don’t know how this works, if people share their most adventurous or hot experiences or some dirty stuff about their secret sex life, but I’m going to be sharing all of those with you guys, have patience, I have a lot of things planned, but for the time being I’ll share the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks if I have a sex story.
I was a teen with only a few months left until I turned 20 and I was planning to enjoy my summer to the fullest. It was going to be quality time with my friends, lots of partying and figuring out the future. Me and my best friend, Chris were friends since middle school, and we went through a lot together, so we were going to spend all summer together before ending up miles apart at whatever college we were going to end up. We figured out we should just go camping, no distractions, no other people, just beautiful surroundings and two best friends.

We set up the tent near the lake, and went swimming. I adventured a bit further, so when I got back he had a blanket, and he was lying there, sunbathing, gazing over the river. He watched me get out of the water, then said “You know, I’ve never really paid attention before, but you’re kind of a hot brunette”. “Shut up! „I yelled at him and threw myself over. “Your nipples are hard”. “Well of course, I’m cold, what are you a spy, watching my every move…”
He got up and got up two beers and we started chatting like usual. But I could barely pay attention, the truth was I always noticed he was hot, but until now I wasn’t attracted to him, now I was seeing a new side of him. He was looking the best, full teen flawless glory, and for a second I thought about what he would say if I suddenly gave him a blowjob. “I’m going to get some wood for the fire, go get a sweater, it’s getting chilly.” I lost all hope after he said that, then I blamed myself for my reckless thoughts. He came back and we curled up in front of the fire. He put his arm around me, then gazed into my eyes “I want to kiss you so bad right now”. And he did, he acted so fast I couldn’t even process what he said at the moment. His lips were soft, and his kiss was gentle. His tongue brushing against mine felt so good, I wrapped my hands around him like I never wanted to let go. “Are you sure? „Yes moron, what could go wrong?” He took my hand and we headed for the tent. He was sitting on top of me, kissing me and feeling up my busty boobs, and I could feel his cock getting harder, brushing against my tights; it felt so damn good, I was already lusting for his cock inside my shaved pussy. He was as anxious as I was, so he reached for my pants and pulled them off, and then got back to kissing me. His hand was going down my busty boobs, slowly, caressing every inch of my body, until he reached my pussy. His fingers were now circling around my clit while his tongue was dancing with mine. He laid on his side and I turned over to face him. I reached inside his shorts and started rubbing his cock off while he was fingering my pussy. “Chris, I want you to fuck me.” I whispered in his ear. He took of my panties, already dripping wet. He put the tip of his cock inside my wet pussy, and then looked at me as if waiting for confirmation, I smiled, and we went further. That was it, I was having teen sex with my best friend, wet, hot, amazing sex. He was moving his hips faster and faster and I kept on moaning and clenching my thighs, curling my legs around him. He came before me, so he generously offered to make me cum. He went down on me, sucking on my clit and licking my pussy all over and fingering me. My wet pussy was dripping all over his fingers, and after I came he licked it all off. After that night we had all kinds of adventures, and almost every time he slept at my place I woke him up with a blowjob while sitting on his face, letting him eat up my pussy. Come spy on my live sex shows for a closer look. I have lots of surprises and tons of secret sex stories.
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Elevator orgasm

Hello hotties, your favorite brunette here, writing my first secret sex story, just in case you need to know more about the amateur with hot lingerie you spy on when you’re horny. I love to share my stories on my live sex cams and I’m very open about my sex life, so I wrote one of my couples sex stories here, in case you’d want some hot piece of literature, or if you missed me telling the story on my live chat. This one is about a sex experience in an elevator. Enjoy it!
So, there we were leaving a party, it was pretty boring so we decided to go home. “You know, you look hotter than usual today, every person in there was checking you out „he said, and came closer. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me in his arms, kissing me passionately. His tongue was strong, pushing against mine, leaving a taste of fine whiskey. I was already lusting for that strong tongue to dance around my clit and slide through my lips while his fingers touch my insides. I pushed the button and blocked the elevator “you can check me out now „I said, and pulled him closer to me as I leaned against the mirror on the wall. He ran his tongue across my mouth, and then he started kissing my neck. “You’re divine, you know that? I’m never going to have enough of you „he whispered in my ear, and then he slowly slipped his hand down my legs, unto my black lace stockings, under my skirt. He reached over my garter belt and grabbed my busty ass. “My favorite lingerie, I see”. He pulled down my panties and kneeled before me. I put my legs around his shoulders and my hands in his hair. He was already liking me off, shoving his fingers inside my shaved pussy, fucking me harder and harder, while I tried not to moan that hard with my legs clenched around his neck. I was already soaking wet and horny as fuck, so I looked down at him, barely able to talk from excitement, “come on up and let me see that hard cock of yours” He ran his tongue again through my soaked pussy as if he didn’t want to miss anything, then he licked his lips in contempt and got up. It was my turn to do the honors, and as you’ve probably seen on my live chat, I love oral, both giving and receiving, so I was obviously anxious to suck on that hard cock. I opened up his zipper and reached inside; he licked his fingers then put them inside my mouth, anxiously awaiting his blowjob. I licked his fingers, and then I moved on to his cock. I wanted to take my time, touch every inch of his massive hard cock, and make him tremble with pleasure. I spent a few minutes licking of the tip of his cock, and then I slowly licked my way up and down, stroking his cock with my other hand. He was hard and I just couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me, so after a few minute of deep throat action, I was done with the blowjob, and I was ready for him to put his cock inside my soaking wet shaved pussy. He lifted me up; my hands were on his shoulders and my legs around his ass. He put one hand around my waist, clenching on my busty ass, and his other hand was playing with my clit. “Tell me what you want. I’m not a magician you know. „He said; as if it wasn’t already obvious, my pussy was dripping wet and I was very aroused. “Stop playing, and fuck me already. I want that tasty cock of yours inside me „I finally said. He slid his cock inside me, and it felt so fucking good, it was getting better with every motion. We were kissing each other passionately while his cock was getting harder and harder inside my soaking wet pussy. Suddenly he stopped and put me down. “Have you noticed? There is a mirror in here. I want to pound that pussy of yours from behind, and I want you to watch it, I want you to watch yourself”. I turned my back on him and bended over. He put his cock inside me, and we were fucking again. Watching the whole thing in the mirror made things even more arousing, so I asked him for a cum shot on my ass. A few minutes of hard fucking later, we were both moaning and breathing heavily, “I am going to cum”I said. He grabbed my ass with both hands, squeezing it hard, and he started to move his hips even faster. “Let’s cum together. I’ll leave a big cum shot on your busty ass”. We came together, and after we cached our breath we cleaned ourselves and dressed up. When we got out of the elevator there were a lot of people outside, throwing us weird looks, maybe because our hair and clothes were all messed up, but we didn’t give a fuck, that was one of the hottest experiences we’ve had, and I’ll do it again in the blink of an eye. I have always found it arousing to have sex in a public place, which is why I love masturbating on live sex cams, come spy on me soon.

Hot teen sex

I just have to share my hot teen experience with you guys. It was the first time I experienced an orgasm and probably the reason why I became a live chat model, to share the joys of sex with you people, to be thrilled by the fact that someone is masturbating while watching me play with myself. And I must admit, thou I am a bit ashamed I’m just aroused when I know that someone is watching my spy shows and reading my secret sex stories, I feel like I am the main focus of some sort of erotic fantasy. But I am getting to ahead of myself with all this talk about how much I enjoy your attention, so let me get back to my story about my teen sex story, as well as my first orgasm.
I was dating this guy for a half year or something; we were in our last year of high-school when the whole thing happened. He was that kind of guy you masturbate to in the dark of your room. He was tall and slim, his hair was black and long to his shoulders and he had a few hot piercings. It was the look to have at that time, all the boys in the magazines were like that, and every guy wanted to be that tall mysterious teen rock star. There were a lot busty blonde chicks and foxy brunettes with short skirts and flirting skills roaming around him, but for some reason he choose the nerdy little me. I was dressing like a tomboy, with secret sexy lingerie underneath, I had big boobs but they were barely noticeable through my oversized clothes.
One day after school, he bumped into me and my player fell off my pocket. “You’re always with this thing plugged in your ears. Let me see what your poison is!” I couldn’t believe he was talking with me, but as it turned out after that day we were inseparable, we loved the same music, and I was a nerd who knew all about it. He said he loved me for my passion and the way I tell my weird stories. Not to get of the trail, we were dating for almost half a year, we were a couple, and it was electric. His kissed would send me into oblivion and when the day for our first time sex encounter came it was pure fucking magic. I have had sex before but it was nothing special, but I was sure this time it would be different. His parents weren’t home, so we went to his place. There were no romantic candles, no presents and all that teen stuff, he just offered me a drink and he put on our favorite band, and everything was perfect.
We started making out, his tongue all inside my mouth felt so good, and his piercings only made our teenage couple make out even hotter. He took of my oversized shirt, and threw me a smile, like he was expecting me to have sexy lingerie on, then he started sucking on my hard nipples. He was gentle and his every move was making me wet, I couldn’t wait for him to put his cock inside me. I wanted to feel him, to taste him. He went down in kisses until he reached my pants. He asked if he can take them off, and then leaned over to kiss me passionately once more. He started kissing my shaved pussy very gently, then he rolled out his tongue and started licking off my clit, then all over, driving me over the edge. His piercings felt cold against my shaved pussy, and with every touch of his tongue I trembled like the naughty yet amateur teen girl I was. “You like it? „ he asked. I nodded and made a tiny gesture that was meant to make him come kiss me and put his cock inside me, I had yet to master the confidence to ask with words. He smiled then kissed me on my forehead, and looked me in the eyes as he slid his cock inside me. He moved gently and slow, but that soft-core fuck was one of the best I’ve ever had, and with every move of his hips he made me wet, he made me tremble, he made me lust for him. After he ensured I was ok, he kept moving faster, his cock was deeper and deeper inside me and his hands all over my boobs and ass were making it difficult for me not to moan, so put my hands around him, holding on and kissing his neck and shoulders while curling my legs around his waist. “Would you like to be on top?” he asked, I smiled and kissed him passionately, and then I climbed on top off him. He ran his hands all over my back, then down to my ass and my hips, and I kept moving faster and faster, and his cock felt even harder and bigger. I was all wet and kind of ashamed of fucking him that fast while he was touching my boobs and staring directly into my eyes, so I pulled him up as well, and we continued our soft core sex in a passionate embrace. We came together, both with utter satisfaction, tired as fuck and more in love than ever. We laid there in his bed, completely naked, I felt his heart beat as if it wanted to come out in his chest, and for the first time I felt satisfied, I felt contempt. I had my first orgasm that day, and it was that day that made me the naughty live sex girl you know and adore. Come spy on my live web cams and watch me play with myself in my sexy lingerie, after all my passion for it has never changed, even thou I’m no longer shy and I know how to ask and get what I want now.
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Kinky morning sex

There’s an amazing feature of this website, the live chat models can post stories about their secret sex stories and their fans can read them and get to know the people they lust after more up close and personal. It was about time I posted one of mine, so here goes, I hope you enjoy it.
The people who watch my live sex shows know that I am a fiery redhead and I love adventure, I like new things and I never second-think the opportunity for new things, especially if it’s a new sexual experience. I’d love to travel all over the world, so I take a lot of trips with my boyfriend and friends whenever I get the chance, so a few weeks ago we went on a camping trip, and we stayed at this awesome little cabin at the top of the mountain. It was warm and sunny and you could enjoy the beauty of nature all around you. The nights were kind of cold, but they always ended in cozy and romantic sex by the fire, but there was an especially unique experience I just have to share with you here.
In the last morning of our trip our friends were all gone exploring the surroundings and my boyfriend was still asleep, so I decided to stay in with him and spend some quality time together. It was a beautiful day, so I went and opened the drapes of our room to let the sun in, and sneaked in our bed to wake up my gorgeous boyfriend with a morning blowjob. I put my hand down his underwear and pulled out his cock. As soon as I put my lips on the tip of his cock, he woke up, and put his fingers through my red hair, and then he moaned and smiled while enjoying his morning blowjob. His erect penis was so hard and it felt so good against my tongue and lips, I got wet instantly. His cum shot was all over my face, and a bit inside my mouth, and he looked very happy. “Thank you love, that was very pleasing, but you know what would make this morning even greater? „I wanted to ask what but he didn’t give me a chance. “You, sitting on my face” he said, and seconds later his tongue was rolling all over my shaved pussy, making me sweat and moan loudly. He was eating me up and touching my busty boobs,, and I stretched my hand all the way back to his cock to give him a hand job, but I found it hard to do anything else but moaning and trembling. After I came, I went to grab a cigarette, and he suggested we should continue to enjoy this beautiful morning, but not until he enjoy the sight of my busty breasts and hard nipple sunbathing. We went for a smoke, and then got back in the room. He put his head between my tights and started eating up my shaved pussy, again, and I whispered “Put your fingers in”, but it wasn’t long before I pulled him on top of me, I wanted to feel his hard cock inside my pussy. With every move of his hips he made me want more, so I got on top of him and started riding him while he touched me all over, biting his lips and getting more and more aroused until he was in charge again, fucking my pussy from behind, grabbing my ass and pulling me into his hard cock faster and faster every time. We both came at the same time, and it was one of the greatest sex experiences I’ve ever had. He ran his tongue over my pussy one more time, and then he licked his lips and said “Now let’s go enjoy this beautiful view one more time, shall we?” We spent the rest of the day outsides, saying goodbye to those lovely views and decided that we should have more morning sex encounters like this one, after all we’re an adventurous couple, and sex is never enough, right?
I hope you liked my story, come spy on my live chat some times and watch me play!
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My first swingers experience

Hello darlings, your favorite sex chat model here. I know you’ve been lusting to hear a few of my secret sex stories, so yesterday night after my show I grabbed a bottle of wine and got to thinking about what should my first story be about. I had many interesting adventures, so it was really hard to choose which one to write first. Since this is the first story I’m writing, it may as well be a story about one of my naughtiest first times, so here goes: the story about my first swinger’s experience.
I’m a party girl, and I love dressing sexy and going out with my boyfriend, we go out to dinner then we head for the clubs where we party all night long. Naturally we meet new and interesting people all over, and on the special night this story is about we met a lovely couple. The guy was a tall and good looking person, dressed very nicely, with an elegant white shirt and a black tie, kind of an office outfit that really turned me on, and he had a really nice looking beard, very well groomed. The girl, very alluring herself, a busty blonde with a hot ass and a nice looking dress that made all of her features really pop, I wanted to run my hands all over that body of hers. We drank all night, and told a lot of stories, and everyone was already a little tipsy when the girl said “I don’t really have any girlfriends, chicks just don’t like me”, and I said “Well, that is surely because you’re so damn hot, they’re just jealous girls with lack of self-confidence. I know I’d love to hang out with you.” No need to say, wherever there’s two hot girls getting along guys fall into their lesbian fantasies and pull all kinds of tricks to make them happen, so her boyfriend said we should kiss to celebrate the new found friendship. She was definitely my type, and I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t mind, so I went for it. She smiled at me, and then we did a couple of shots and started kissing. Her lips were a bit wet from the shots we just had, but they were very soft and inviting, and her tongue still had the bittersweet taste of the shot. It felt so good I could barely stop myself. I turned over to see the reaction of the guys, and they had big smiles on their faces. A few drinks and sexy kisses later, the girl leaned over me, gently whispering in my ear “You know, brunettes like you are just my type, and you’re husband is kind of hot, so why don’t you guys come over to our place? It will be fun, I promise”. I looked at my boyfriend and said “Guess what honey? „And he replied impatiently “They’re swingers, I know, Paul told me”. I smiled and he smiled back at me, so I knew he agreed with what I was about to say. “Sure, we’d love to.” I said, so we left for their place.
When we got there, she opened a bottle of wine, and we toasted for the special event and to new sexual experiences. “So, how should we do this? It’s kind of the first time for us…”said my boyfriend. “If the girls wouldn’t mind, I would like to twist things around a bit” Paul said, he took my hand and kissed me passionately, his tongue wildly dancing in my mouth, then he put his hand on my neck, and kissed my earlobe very sensually. “I say we should put on some music while we’re at it „Amy said and she put on some slow music, and made the guys sit on the leather couch. We dance sensually with each other, I had my hands around her hips and her hands were all over my boobs and ass. The guys were enjoying their lesbian fantasy, and we started kissing and dancing, then we slowly took off our dresses. She had a leather garter belt and fishnet stockings, and she looked even better naked. “ Let’s take care of our guys beautiful, I’ll take yours „she said, and she leaned over him, kissed him, then she spread her legs wide open to sit on top of him. So, the hot blonde was getting it on with my boyfriend, who was currently sucking on her busty tits, and I headed over to her lover. He put his hands on my ass as soon as I got close enough, and then pulled off my panties to give me oral sex. I looked over to my boyfriend who was fingering Amy and I must say it felt strange to see him fuck another girl while her boyfriend was eating me up, tickling my shaved pussy and making me wet, but there was also an arousing feeling to it that still makes me wet whenever I think about it. The couple was very open minded, there was no limitations to what they would do to please their guests, so the girl gave my boyfriend a very passionate and long blowjob before fucking him. I pulled Paul’s head from between my legs, and I followed Amy’s lead, my lover’s cock looked so good, and I love giving and taking oral sex, so I leaned over and kissed her passionately, then went on with the blowjob, licking and sucking Paul’s dick until he pulled me on top of him. So there we were, both me and Amy riding the cocks of each other’s boyfriends, kissing them, and each other from time to time, and it was so fucking good. Amy said she wants a cum shot on her tits, so my boyfriend fucked he between her busty boobs until he came. Paul was fucking me doggy style, touching me all over and I also got a cum shot on my ass. After that entire hot lesbian action, blowjobs, cum shots and orgasms I found a new passion, and since then I’m always looking forward to find a new hot swingers couple. Come spy on my live chat and I’ll tell you all about the hot blonde!
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