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Erotic stories are only as good as their authors. Fortunately for I Spy Live fans, we have a collection of the best erotica written by gorgeous models that you can interact with right here on the same website via their webcams as well. Find out if the story that turned you on most is a big of creative fiction, or a real life event being reenacted in text so that your sexy muse can share some of her most personal intimate moments with you in a whole new way. Then go even deeper and turn your own fantasy sessions into webcam realities right now!

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Touching Myself To You

A few nights ago, I just got finished streaming and had an amazing time with all of my fans. It was such a blast to have so many people hanging out and talking to me: I showed off so many of my skills and used every tool imaginable to give the audience one hell of a stream to remember. Things got pretty crazy and I’m glad that I was so horny during the whole experience!

But the best part was after. See, as soon as I stopped streaming, I went ahead and got showered, slipped into my pyjamas and started watching some TV. I noticed after only a few minutes into a movie that I was still incredibly horny: my clit was pulsing and needed to be pleasured. Initially, it started off as me touching myself and rubbing against my pussy with my hand while I still watched the movie, but then it turned into something much more erotic when I realized there was no going back. See, when a woman with a sex drive like mine gets a desire, she has no choice but to act upon it.

Anyway, I eventually took off my pyjama bottoms and grabbed the Hitachi one fan got me a few months ago. I only bring out this thing when I need something incredible, and boy – let me tell you that this was on a whole new level of ecstasy. I turned it on and instantly pushed it against my clit, the feeling was beyond amazing. It was like a whole new level of pleasure that I’ve never gone through before! Being so horny and having so many orgasms, but still needing more! I guess when you’re a camgirl that spends her whole life getting yourself off for the pleasure of others, sometimes it’s so nice to do something for yourself for once.

Anyway, Alongside the Hitachi magic wand, I knew something extra was going to be very much in line with my desires. I prepared a butt plug and thankfully, it slipped in with little resistance. My ass was ready and waiting to be plugged! Felt amazing going in, by the way. I felt so naughty.

And, finally, I grabbed myself a standard dildo that I was going to slam inside my pussy. So there I was, on my sofa, butt plug in my ass, dildo in my pussy and a Hitachi wand pushed hard against my clit. I was moaning so much and it’s a good thing I live so far from anyone else – it eventually turned into screaming that would have been heard by anyone that was within 50 meters of me! I felt so warm too. It’s crazy how your body heats up when you’re getting aroused and ready to cum.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for my pussy to react to that desire and soon enough, I was being washed with waves of pleasure as my creamy pussy started to fully enjoy herself. I had to hold off on the Hitachi for a little while I was cumming, but a few seconds without it made it even more desirable for me to get that thing back where it belonged.

Boom! A second orgasm came and I was grabbing into the dildo with the walls of my tight slit. My butt plug started to wiggle too because it was almost as excited as I was. I’ve always loved teasing my ass and maybe one day I’ll tell you guys about what happened the first time I ever had anal sex.

Anyway guys, thanks for giving this a read. I sure hope you had as much fun hearing about my naughty toy adventure as I did experiencing it. Tune in to my cam some time and I’ll be sure to show you that when it comes to using toys, no one else does it like Rochelle. I’m the best damn camgirl that iSpy Live has when it comes to self-love – that’s a guarantee!
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Fresh Emo Kid Cums On Me

So last night I went to a concert for a local punk rock band that I absolutely love. I figured it was a pretty good time to share a story, because something really cute happened!

I was dancing away, getting pretty lost in the music – like I always do! Then I caught this pretty cute guy that was obviously try to dance close to me. Thing is, it must have been one of his first gigs, because this wasn’t the type of music that you grind up against someone to. Still, he tried to get my attention and while he wasn’t the hottest guy in the room, the fact that he was willing enough to try it on with me was worth giving him a shot!

I smiled and patted him on the head while we continued to go pretty crazy for the next few songs. I had a great time and seeing this cute guy have no idea what to do was just the icing on the cake.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we hung out a little after together and I bought him a drink. He told me that he turned 18 just a few days ago and well, if he’s legal then I’m good to go!

Sex wasn’t on the table because, well, it wasn’t a good time for me. That said, I still knew that he was going to have a lot of fun with me when I bought him back to my place.

As I drove, he sounded like such an excited teenager. I’m young myself, but I got a sense that this guy still lived with his parents and perhaps hadn’t had that much freedom before. Getting in my car to head back to my place must have been a bit of a treat for him. He’d never lived before, but now he was going to get with a super sexy chick that was clearly going to give him a great time.

We got back to the crib and after relaxing into a little a movie, he finally manned up and started to kiss me. I could feel how fast his heart was beating as he lunged in – what a champion!

I jerked him off not long after and earlier in the night, he had mentioned how much he loved my tattoos. I have two really big ones on both of my thighs – they’re pretty and lots of guys find them attractive, so I had an idea that maybe it might be an idea for him to enjoy them for what they really were.

I stroked his cock real good and eventually, I slipped off my jean shorts to show all of my ink. His cock was rock hard and he was a little nervous – but that didn’t stop him from having a great time. I looked him dead in the eye while I played with his dick and eventually asked if he’d like to cum over my tattoos. He said “Yes!” very enthusiastically and I knew then that I was set to receive quite a monster load.

My expectations were met. Ten seconds had passed before he moaned a little and his cock started to pump out some thick streaks of cum. Five powerful strokes were unleashed – it was quite the view! I felt so horny as this young guy was introduced to what was probably one of his first real sexual experiences. All with a sexy punk rocker that didn’t mind giving him a good time.

He stayed the night and in the morning, I dropped him home. We’ve kept in touch since and he’s been eager to hang out again (who wouldn’t be?) but I think for the time and being, I’ll let him try with more girls before we meet.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope to see you in my show some time! Enjoy my ink too – he sure did.
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My Plus Size Adventures

Being big is something that I absolutely love. I’ve got more than anyone else – thick thighs, a big chunky waist and some 42DD tits that will send you crazy! Today, I’m going to tell you a little about what it’s like being me and having so many men appreciate full-bodied women. I’m not a skinny mini and I want you to know that if you’re reading this, you better be ready to enjoy the adventures of a real thick lady.

A few months ago, I found a guy using an online dating website that was interested in BBWs. We got talking and soon enough, he invited me out to get a few drinks. The night went smoothly and he was a gentleman – he opened the door, got the rounds in and told me I have beautiful hair (I do, it’s true!). I was planning to go home with him already, but he spent about five minutes asking me in a roundabout way instead of just being up front! Lucky for him, I was far too horny to reject the opportunity to let this guy enjoy a real BBW.

His place was nice and thankfully, he had quite a good bed! He spent a long time getting me undressed and complimenting my body. I always love a man that can endure the pleasures of a plus-size figure. Kissing my back, stroking my fat tits and of course, sticking his face right into my ass! It felt incredible.

Soon enough, he was begging for me to touch him, and of course, I said he’d have to wait! He ate my pussy like a good boy and it was such a joy to behold. This man that was completely devoted to my figure, my very being – it sent me into a whole new level of bliss that I seldom experience with standard boys who can’t handle this much woman.

Soon enough, I invited him to enter me and he was rock solid when he did. I was incredibly wet too, so it slid in without any resistance. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in, keeping me as close to him as he could. He also did his best to suck on my nipples, but the sheer size of them made it a little hard as he pounded away.

Eventually, he asked if I would do doggy with him and after rejecting his requests for so long, I did exactly that. It was about time this guy got a reward for being such a fantastic guy!

When I assumed the position, he started to spank my ass while slamming as hard as he could. To be honest, I was amazed at how long he managed to last – I was the first of us to cum as he spanked me harder and harder while giving me the full length of his cock! I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time and boy, did it feel good.

I came once again from all of the fucking and eventually asked him to give me his load. It seems as if my words triggered something, because within a few seconds of asking, he pulled out and covered my back in his sweet juice. It travelled so far up my back too – it was clear to me that he was very much ready to unleash.
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My Cosplay Blowjob

Hello everyone! SelenaMiss here. I’m a live cam model on iSpy Live and I think it’s about time that I added one of these sexy stories so you can learn a little more about me. As you can probably tell from the colour of my hair, I have a little bit of a fetish for dressing up and playing around. Well, a few weeks ago, a very popular video game convention came back to Germany and I had the pleasure of dressing up as my favourite character from video games – Maya from Borderlands!

I had a great time at the convention as I always do. Buying plushie toys, trying new games out and generally messing around. On the Saturday evening of the event, I found some old friends hanging around together and we decided to group up and enjoy what was left of the convention. There were a few new faces in the mishmash of people that I hadn’t met before, one of which was cosplaying as Pantheon from League of Legends. He had a fantastic body and some solid abs – his name was Michael and well, let’s just say that me and him spent a lot of time flirting while exploring!

Eventually, Michael and I ended up alone after everyone else in the group left. It was around 9 p.m. at this point and as we started to head toward the exit, he suggested that we try a door into an area we’d wanted to visit earlier but were told was closed. To our amazement, the door opened and we went in! Sadly, all of the lights and machines were turned off, so there wasn’t actually anything there for us to do … until I realized that this was probably the best time to do something very naughty with my new friend.

I started kissing Michael and it was obvious that he had a keen interest in me and what I had to offer. Soon enough he was grabbing my ass and telling me how sexy I was! Eventually, I got him to take a seat and sat on his lap while we kissed some more. Then I decided it was time for me to use my lips for something a little more than kissing!

I started to unzip his pants and found a pretty nice penis waiting for me. Not the biggest by any means, but it was a decent size and quite thick too. I love thick! He started to moan as I stroked him, kneeling between his thighs and rubbing his incredible body with my spare hand. Michael wanted to let me know how much fun he was having, but both of us knew that we couldn’t make too much noise, just in case someone came in to see what was up.

He grew in my mouth and it felt amazing. His thick member was throbbing and he kept grabbing my hair and stroking the back of my head. I looked up at him with my makeup-heavy eyes and received a hot smile while he squinted with pleasure. Let me tell you, nothing makes me feel better than having a guy look like he’s enjoying himself while I give him a blowjob! Especially dressed up in a sexy cosplay outfit like I was.

Soon enough, Michael was whispering ‘oh my god’ and let me know ahead of time that he was going to cum. I guess he was sweet enough to worry that I wouldn’t want to have it inside my mouth. Obviously, I was going to be a very good girl for him and swallow every last drop of that hot load.

I slowed down my blowjob pace as I felt him start to orgasm. His legs braced up and he continued to whisper erotic things while he filled my mouth with his cum. I stroked the length of his thick shaft as he orgasmed and made sure to extract every last drop of seed that he had waiting for me inside his delicious cock. It tasted slightly sweet too – what a pleasant surprise!
Michael and I eventually headed out of the secret area we’d entered and while he did invite me back, it wouldn’t be for a few weeks until I took him up on his offer and eventually fucked him. That was a crazy night too … but we’ll leave that story for another time.

Hope you enjoyed reading my crazy Maya cosplay blowjob story guys! See you later.
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Submissive English BBW Loves Spankings

Hello boys! This is my first story here at iSpy, so let's just hope that this works out all okay! My name is Linda and I'm from England. I can say with confidence that all of my life, I've loved men that adore ladies on the larger side of life. It should come as no surprise that I'm in love with my body and don't mind being plus-size. After all, there are some things that a submissive BBW can do that make a man groan with pleasure.

It's been about two months since my last submissive experience, but I felt like it was good enough to share here. So, let's talk about it, shall we?

I met a guy at a local BDSM meet that told me up front he was a dom who was looking for a bit of light fun. We agreed that there'd be no sex, but anything short of that was fine. Anyway, 10 minutes later and with the help of a cab, we ended back at his place and let me tell you, what a collection of tools he had! He had a room specifically for us to play in and as soon as I set foot in the door, he had me strip down naked and crawl over there. Now when I say I'm a submissive, I say that in the context of liking being held down. I'm a bit new to the BDSM scene, so jumping straight in with being given commands was quite the experience. I was dripping wet by the time I got in his little dungeon.

Jason had this piece of furniture, sort of like a foot stool, that was perfect for leaning over. I got into position and he circled around me, periodically leaning in to slap my bottom. It started really soft, but over the course of a few minutes, his level of power increased. He was just getting me warmed up and boy was it good!

Next, Jason grabbed two pieces of equipment out of a drawer. He held them in front of my face and asked which one first. I've always liked canes, so that was my first choice. I've never been spanked with a cane, and let me just say - what an experience! I winced every time, but the care he took to ensure I was just getting the edge of my limit of pain was orgasmic. I could feel my clit swelling and I tried to touch it once, although Jason told me that I wasn't allowed to do that.

Eventually, he switched out and started to spank me with a paddle. The feeling is different to cane, and to be honest, I think I prefer the cane! But we had a lot of fun and my bottom was well and truly punished by the time he finished!

As a reward for being such a good submissive spank toy, Jason turned me over at the end of our session and finger fucked me until I came. Definitely one of the top three orgasms of my life - it felt incredible to have the mixture of pain and pleasure mixing in my body. When I finally finished up, Jason gave me a few minutes to compose myself. I almost lost my mind for a second and needed to recover for quite some time. If that's not a ringing endorsement of being a good submissive BBW, I don't know what is.

Anyway guys, hope you liked my story. Come and check out my cam room some time. We can chat, play some games and generally have a good time together. Thanks for reading!

Your BBW Spanking Slave
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I fucked my boss

For those of you who know me, love watching me and spying on my live sex shows, I decided to write a secret sex story, to have you entertained while I am offline. I had a hard time deciding what to write, but since this is a place for kinky and naughty stuff, my first story will be about my sexy adventure with my boss.
Not many of you know this, but before I began working as a cam girl I was working as a secretary. Yes, it is sexy and intriguing, but it can also get boring, I love what I am doing now more than I loved that.
I worked there for a year, every single day was a fucking ordeal, my boss was so freaking hot, and I couldn't help but find myself staring at him all the time. Besides that, I hated the tight schedule and all the other work related stuff. But, back to our sexy story, as I mentioned, my boss was really hot, I used to jerk off picturing how hot it would be to fuck him, and I tried all kinds of sexy and cute stuff to get his attention, after all, I was born a troublemaker and a voyageur through the amazing world of sex. After a few months, it finally happened. We stayed up late to work on some deadline, and the sexual tension between us was becoming unbearable. He asked me to come in his office to help him with some files, then, carefully but obviously enough he dropped a few on the floor, and of course, I reached out to grab them. He took my hand and kissed it so gentle and sensual, I could swear my heart skipped a beat, and then he said "You are so beautiful, I must admit, I am really attracted to you, but it feels so wrong. I must say I find myself dreaming of you." "That makes two of us, „I said, almost whispering, afraid it was the wrong thing to say. "I have waited for you to say that for a long time, „he said, and he leaned over my chair to kiss me. His lips were soft and his tongue was strong and moist. It took me a few minutes to realize it is really happening this time because I have dreamt about it for so long. He pulled away and said "This is wrong, I shouldn't be doing this" and he went back to his chair. I couldn't let this opportunity get away, so I went for it. "Well, there's no one else here, and we both want this, so why not go for it? „I said, and then I leaned over and ran my tongue across his lips. Before he could say anything else, I put my finger on his lips and I kneeled in front of his chair, then I opened his pants and started giving him a blowjob. He didn't say anything else; he just relaxed and enjoyed it. After a few minutes, he pulled me up, kissed me and made me lean with my boobs on the desk. He took off my panties and stockings and said "I knew there's kinky lingerie hiding under these clothes", and then he started kissing my pussy and fingering me. "You're so wet," he said. "Fuck me already, I have wanted this for so long, I can't wait anymore", I said, moaning and barely being able to speak with his tongue around my clit. He took his finger out of my pussy and put them inside his mouth, and then he said: "You taste like naughty". He shoved his hard cock inside my shaved pussy and I could sense he waited for this as long as I have. He ran his hands across my busty boobs, then grabbed my ass and started fucking me even harder. "I want to fuck those big boobs of yours, for teasing me for so long," he said. "Only if you promise me a cum shot on my face, „I said. He grabbed me and kissed me passionately. I could see he was fascinated by the idea. He made me sit on his chair and then he spit on his hands and ran them all over my busty boobs, then he told me to hold my tits, and he puts his big cock between them. I ran my tongue around the tip off his cock while he was fucking me between my tits, and after a while he came all over my face, keeping the promise of covering me in his cum shot. He made me sit on top of his desk, then he pulled his chair closer and he kissed and fingered my pussy until I came. After that, we had many sexy late night encounters and I enjoyed every single one of them. He even made me squirt once or twice. I will tell you everything you need to know on my next cam show.
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My first squirt

After reading some sexy secret stories on the site I decided to write one. I have many stories that I have shared with my cam viewers but just in case you don’t know all the stories and it is not enough to spy on my live sex shows, I am going to write a few stories here, so you can get to know me better and see my life as a voyageur through the wonderful world of sex.
This first story is quite a special one, my first squirt actually, and I remember it whenever someone asks about my best sexual experiences.
It was a normal day; I woke up early and started exercising as I usually do. After that, I took a hot shower and I put on my sexy lingerie. My boyfriend and I were supposed to go out with a few friends, a fancy brunch, or something like that, but we never made it. When I got out of the bathroom in my sexy lingerie, he came over and took me in his arms. He started kissing me and touching my busty ass, so, of course, I got turned on. He took me to the bed and made me lay on my back and he started kissing his way down to my freshly shaved pussy. He started kissing my pussy very gently through the lace panties, making me moan. His hands were all over my boobs, teasing my rock hard nipples. He took off my panties and started fingering me while his tongue was dancing all over my clit. My moans were getting louder and I couldn't help but shiver at every move of his tongue and fingers. I was dripping wet already, clenching my legs around his neck and running my hands through his raven hair. I asked him to stop, even though it felt so fucking good, but I wanted to change positions, so I could give him a blowjob while he was eating me up. His cock was already rock hard, and I ran my tongue up and down, the focused on the tip, kissing it and licking it all over. He was enjoying my deep-throat a lot, and it seemed like we were synchronized, we were both very horny and wet, and without a word needed, I stopped and climbed on top of him and slid his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. I rubbed my clit with my fingers and then I put them in his mouth. He pulled me closer and kissed me, and then he made me change positions so he could fuck me from behind. I was feeling amazing, moaning loudly and trying not to cum before he does, but a few minutes later I experienced my first squirt. As soon as he pulled out of my dripping wet pussy he threw hot cum shots all over my ass. We were both satisfied and wet as hell, so we decided to stay in and enjoy a movie. Up until this day, it is one of the greatest sexual experiences I ever had. You can feel free to ask more questions, and keep following me to read more stories about my experiences as a voyageur through the sex world.
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Two cocks one pussy

I finally decided to write a secret sex story to have you entertained while I am offline. I am going to tell you about the first time I experienced a threesome with two guys. If there is anything you would like to know about the story, feel free to ask me when you spy on my live sex show.
This happened before I became a cam girl, I was exactly as you know me now, a voyageur through the wonderful world of sex, always searching for something new. I was hanging in a club with a few lady friends, as usual, having drinks, dancing, and looking for a good fuck. Two guys approached our table; they were good friends, looking for some fun, just like us. At first, it was kind of awkward, they were both hitting on me, each in his own charming way, and it was almost impossible to decide which one should I take home, so after a short while I asked myself: “why not both?”. I proposed we should have a threesome, and they both agreed, and actually they seemed very pleased with the idea, so we headed up for my place.
We opened a bottle of wine, shared a drink and a few things about each other, and then we started making out. Their hands were all over me, my nipples were rock hard in a matter of seconds, and my lingerie already dripping wet. While one of them, Tom was sucking on my tongue and fondling my busty boobs, the other one named Brian went straight for the prize; he removed my stockings very gently and then ran his tongue across my pussy through my lingerie.
It felt so good, and even if it was just the beginning I already knew two things: I was going to become a threesome amateur, especially if it involves two guys and the only perfect way to end this adventure would be with a cum shot on my face and one on my boobs.
So, Brian had taken off my panties and was eating me up, his tongue all over my clit and his fingers going hardcore on my pussy. I made Tom stand up so I can reach his massive cock and give him a blow-job. His hard cock felt so good against my soft lips, and I was trying very hard to make a good job while Brian was getting me wet and horny.
After a while, I decided Brian deserves a prize for doing such a good job on my pussy, I invited him to take Tom’s place, so I can give him a blow-job. Tom was now pushing his hard cock inside my tight pussy, and he was fingering my asshole. Brian was enjoying his blowjob and fondling my busty boobs. It felt so fucking good I never wanted it to end, but I was looking forward to the moment when my handsome partners will turn this into a double penetration party, anal is and was amongst my favorite things in the world.
I sat on top of Tom and I asked Brian to put his cock in my tight asshole. He spit on his hand and ran his fingers in and out of my asshole, pleased by how tight it was, and then he slowly shoved his cock inside. After that, the whole thing went completely hardcore, both guys were fucking me, the anal part felt great, and those spanks Brian gave me were making me even hornier. After a long time of moaning, kissing and touching all over, I couldn’t help but squirt, and the guys kindly licked all the dripping pussy juice. I asked them to fulfill my cum shot fantasy, and they liked it very much. I had both their cocks in my mouth, something you could call a double blow-job I guess, and I was stopping from time to time to give each of the a deep-throat. Brian came first, a big juicy cum shot all over my pretty face, and then Tom spread his all across my busty boobs.
I can declare myself a threesome amateur and cross this off my sexual voyageur bucket list. I am surely going to do it again soon, is among the few things that make me squirt.
Don’t forget to spy on my live cam shows and ask me about anything you would like to know, I do hope you enjoyed my secret sex story.
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