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Kinky morning sex

There’s an amazing feature of this website, the live chat models can post stories about their secret sex stories and their fans can read them and get to know the people they lust after more up close and personal. It was about time I posted one of mine, so here goes, I hope you enjoy it.
The people who watch my live sex shows know that I am a fiery redhead and I love adventure, I like new things and I never second-think the opportunity for new things, especially if it’s a new sexual experience. I’d love to travel all over the world, so I take a lot of trips with my boyfriend and friends whenever I get the chance, so a few weeks ago we went on a camping trip, and we stayed at this awesome little cabin at the top of the mountain. It was warm and sunny and you could enjoy the beauty of nature all around you. The nights were kind of cold, but they always ended in cozy and romantic sex by the fire, but there was an especially unique experience I just have to share with you here.
In the last morning of our trip our friends were all gone exploring the surroundings and my boyfriend was still asleep, so I decided to stay in with him and spend some quality time together. It was a beautiful day, so I went and opened the drapes of our room to let the sun in, and sneaked in our bed to wake up my gorgeous boyfriend with a morning blowjob. I put my hand down his underwear and pulled out his cock. As soon as I put my lips on the tip of his cock, he woke up, and put his fingers through my red hair, and then he moaned and smiled while enjoying his morning blowjob. His erect penis was so hard and it felt so good against my tongue and lips, I got wet instantly. His cum shot was all over my face, and a bit inside my mouth, and he looked very happy. “Thank you love, that was very pleasing, but you know what would make this morning even greater? „I wanted to ask what but he didn’t give me a chance. “You, sitting on my face” he said, and seconds later his tongue was rolling all over my shaved pussy, making me sweat and moan loudly. He was eating me up and touching my busty boobs,, and I stretched my hand all the way back to his cock to give him a hand job, but I found it hard to do anything else but moaning and trembling. After I came, I went to grab a cigarette, and he suggested we should continue to enjoy this beautiful morning, but not until he enjoy the sight of my busty breasts and hard nipple sunbathing. We went for a smoke, and then got back in the room. He put his head between my tights and started eating up my shaved pussy, again, and I whispered “Put your fingers in”, but it wasn’t long before I pulled him on top of me, I wanted to feel his hard cock inside my pussy. With every move of his hips he made me want more, so I got on top of him and started riding him while he touched me all over, biting his lips and getting more and more aroused until he was in charge again, fucking my pussy from behind, grabbing my ass and pulling me into his hard cock faster and faster every time. We both came at the same time, and it was one of the greatest sex experiences I’ve ever had. He ran his tongue over my pussy one more time, and then he licked his lips and said “Now let’s go enjoy this beautiful view one more time, shall we?” We spent the rest of the day outsides, saying goodbye to those lovely views and decided that we should have more morning sex encounters like this one, after all we’re an adventurous couple, and sex is never enough, right?
I hope you liked my story, come spy on my live chat some times and watch me play!
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She Fucked My Best Friend

Will was a buddy of mine that had a crush on my wife Samantha for YEARS… He was always telling me how hot she was and how much he wanted to fuck her. It never really bothered me… Hell, I felt the same way. And it was always a turn on for me thinking about another guy fucking her. She laughed it off for a long time until this one night.
Will had come over and we hung in my shop talking and catching up. After a while my wife Sam came out to see what we were up to and to chat with us. Wills eyes were glued on Sam as usual. Her black tights showing every curve and a loose fitting white blouse that had a transparency I had always enjoyed.
Over the years she had teased Will and even flashed him a few times but tonight she had a devilish look in her eye and It didn’t take me long to figure out this was going to be the best night of Will’s life. And actually for my wife and me too.
It didn’t take Will long to extend a few of his flirt lines at Sam… She boldly looked at him and said “Tim (That’s me) says you want to fuck me REALLY bad”? Will’s shocked face was priceless as he said “Uh… Yeah”. She said… “Really? I never knew you were serious”. He said “FUCK YEAH I’M SERIOUS”! She then said, “Well what would your new wife think”? To which he replied, “ I don’t care WHAT she would think… I have wanted this for to long”
In her little teasing way she smiled and said “well I am going to have to think about it a minute”. She looked at me and said, “What do you think”? I said, “Hell… as long as I get to watch I don’t care”. She looked at him and sad “So if I bend over here and let you do me doggy style that would make you happy and fulfill your biggest fantasy”? He said, “OH HELL YES” She flipped her long dark hair and said “Well then, lets do it”.
She stepped in front of me and looked me right in the eye with that devilish grin and casually shed her pants exposing her dark muff and her beautiful silky smooth white ass. Will’s eyes bugged as he soaked in her half naked beauty. He had seen it in pictures over the years but here it was in person like he had dreamed of. “Well, Are you ready”? She asked. He quickly rose to his feet still in shock.
Fumbling for his belt and zipper Will finally slid his pants down without any embarrassment whatsoever exposing his fully erect cock. Will was about 6 ft 4 and his large cock was in proportion to his large size. Sam placed her hands on my shoulders and bent slightly pushing her sweet little ass outward for Will to enjoy. He stepped up and asked he he could have a quick taste. She said she didn’t care and she began to kiss me.
Will went on his knees and plunged his tongue into Sam’s pussy from behind. Her kiss became more aggressive as he began licking her pussy and asshole while his hands rubbed her ass and legs. And one found its way up her shirt feeling her huge tits swaying gently back and fourth braless under her loose fitting shirt. He was trying to experience everything he had ever dreamed of as fast as he could. I pulled my cock out and Sam and I took turns stroking it. Eventually his hands found their way back to her ass gripping it firmly so he could expose as much of her open pussy as he could to lick.
Will stood up and with the warning “this wont take long” he was reassured by Sam that that was fine. He then bent at his knees and gently inserted the tip of his throbbing cock in to Sams now soaked pussy. Sam gently pushed back allowing her pussy to gobble up every hard inch of Wills cock. Sam was stroking my cock as Will began to slowly pick up his pace. Her titties heaving back and fourth as Will picks her up with both hands firmly on her waist he finally stands straight up as Sams feet rise off the floor and she then wraps her legs around his legs.
Wills pace slowly intensifies as he feels Sam’s pussy juices lubricating her pussy walls allowing his cock to slide deeper and easier into her pretty little pleasure maker. Her hands grip my shoulders tighter as the full length of Wills Cock starts probing the deepest parts of her cunt. Watching her getting fucked so good has made my own cock explode in my own hand.
Wills thrusts are beginning to slow but hit harder. Sam knows he is close to cumming and she looks at me and begins cumming herself releasing a shower of her hot juices down Wills legs while squeezing my arms tightly as he lunges forward and begins erupting his hot cum deep inside her twitching love box with a few violent thrusts that soon taper to a gentle stroking as he milks every drop of cum inside her he can.
Sam wastes no time gathering her pants and giving me a quick kiss while heading out the door back to the house. She looks back at Will and asked, “Well, Was it all you thought it would be”? To which Will exclaimed… “Oh hell yes… It was everything I ever dreamed it would be”!
And with her little devilish satisfied grin as she walked off with the satisfaction of knowing she made a couple fantasies come true that night.