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X-Men’s Iceman’s Sexuality


There has been a lot of speculation about the Iceman’s (also known as Bobby when he’s not in costume) sexuality in the most recent iteration of X-Men comic books. He has spent a lot of time since April, when a fellow team member who happened to be psychic outed him as gay to readers, when she asked him why he keeps saying that girls are hot. Iceman’s struggle throughout the latest iteration of X-Men comics has been pretty realistic, and even featured a time displaced, earlier version of himself, that the older Bobby/Iceman gets to confront to figure things out about his inner workings and sexuality. Wouldn’t every gay guy love the chance to do that?

Finally, after the confrontation, Bobby is able to admit to himself that he is gay. Having a manly comic book character come out as gay is a pretty big step which only makes sense since gay marriage has been legalized federally (except for people who think like Kim Davis). Now, when will we see an X-Men character who is a pornstar? Well, if we just have to settle for hotties like Rogue strutting around in spandex bodysuits, that will probably be ok too.

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