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Wisconsin Woman Creates Lingerie Company for a Cause


Willa Townsend, a graduate of Duke University, has created a lingerie line that gives some benefit back to society. It all started a while back when she was learning about homelessness while she was in college at Duke University. She learned that homeless shelters were often looking for donations of underwear. She felt sad that people who were homeless lacked such a basic necessity. So, she did what any lingerie loving girl would do and created her own lingerie line, with any excess profits going to buy basic underwear for local homeless shelters. Her line is called Drift Light and it contains a wide variety of undergarments. She actually started the company by winning $10,000 prize in a startup competition at Duke, which gave her the capital to get things going.

In order to design the underwear, she surveyed 200 of her fellow Duke college students and found out what women really want to wear. She knew the social aspect of her idea wouldn’t succeed unless she actually had a product that people wanted to buy. With that information she designed her first piece – a sexy little bralette. While it’s never been Willa’s dream to have a lingerie line, according to her parents, she has always wanted to do something that makes a social change and it’s nice that she is able to do something cute and sexy that helps homeless women get underwear too. “There’s no way I ever would have started an underwear line had it not been for that inspiration,” Willa said in an interview online, “I found that it’s a burgeoning market, so it’s really a great opportunity to get into the business of doing good.”

It’s clear that Willa is going to do well – she has a degree in economics and neuroscience from Duke, and now she lives in LA where she is working with a team to grow her idea.

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