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Why This Pornstar is Suing her Parents


What do you do when your parents don’t agree with your career choice? You could try what one Russian pornstar did and sue them! Russian beauty Sofi Goldfinger told her parents that she left home to be choreographer, which might have been partially true, but in order to pay the bills, Sofi was doing porn. Once her parents found out, they completely disowned her and wouldn’t even let her back inside the house to get her things that she had left there. Now Sofi is suing them presumably to get her things back, and to get back at them for the things they have done to her in the past.

Sofi is keeping her head up in the face of her closed minded parents, and has posted several hot pictures on social media, and has done her first anal sex scene earlier this year. If only her parents could understand that her porn career is making her and all of her fans very happy, and making it possible for Sofi to follow her dreams. Now they will only speak to her through their lawyer, but maybe one day they will see eye to eye on Sofi’s pornstar tendencies.


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