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Why Pornstar Nikita Belluci is Mad at an Airline


Nikita Bellucci was just minding her own business, traveling around the world, as one does when one is a pornstar of international renown. Her flight to Budapest had been canceled four times by Transavia, a subsidiary of Air France, and she tweeted the airline to get an update of information. Unfortunately their response was more appropriate of a guy you might meet on the street than a professional business who respects the professions of their clients – no matter how hot or outrageous they may be.

The airline responded “Flight is scheduled for 14.30. It’s just that with you, we prefer when it lasts longer. Have a good day. I’m available.’ Nikita was already furious about her flight being cancelled, and this unwanted attention made her quite crabby. She tweeted something to the airline but then deleted it, however, this was enough for the beautiful brunette to receive an apology from the airline, who claims they were just using the joke to lighten the mood. The issue is done but, according to Nikita this is demonstrative of how pornstars are treated in France – like sex objects. Nikita wants people to know that pornstars are people too, and they don’t always want to take on unwanted sexual comments or advances.

“In France, unfortunately I have noticed that if you are a porn star, you don’t have the right to want to cultivate your mind and you must not share your opinions on the news. Open your thighs, look beautiful and shut up… is all that’s allowed. That’s all we expect of you, nothing more.” Nikita said on her Twitter account after the incident. This issue could be said for pornstars all over the world. Pornstars are complex individuals and we should prize them for their desires to show their most intimate actions on camera…let’s keep them happy so they keep coming back for more!

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