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What Will Pornstar Jenna Jameson Do on Her Reality Show?


Jenna Jameson is one of the most well known pornstars of our times. She has made a porno empire and people who don’t even enjoy watching porn know who she is. Now that she doesn’t shoot porn anymore, she can still be seen on various reality TV shows like Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, and hosting events and awards shows, as well as interacting with her fans from time to time on cam. Jenna’s life is about to take another turn. She is currently engaged to Israeli diamond merchant Lior Bitton, and she has chosen to convert to Judaism for the wedding. Of course like any good fame loving slut, she won’t let the opportunity pass her by without recording it for a reality show!

Since announcing her engagement in June of this year, Jenna has been posting pro-Israel sentiments to social media and showcasing her Kosher cooking. She has also posted pictures of lighting the Shabbat candles and Hebrew phrases, and joined in some controversial political discussions about Israel by retweeting politicians like Marco Rubio who support Israel. When Jenna appeared on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, she kept her own Kosher refrigerator and did not join the other housemates when they would eat meals that were not Kosher. She also told a housemate who allegedly stole some of her Kosher food that the act was not only rude – but was disrespectful of her religion.

Jameson says she was raised as a devout Catholic, although, maybe her Catholic values have lapsed, since she joined the porn biz in 1993 and stuck around until 2008, starring in about 190 porn movies, directing four of them herself, and winning 35 awards for her sexual contributions to the world.

Sources say that the show will be modeled after other shows of a similar nature like the ones starring the Kardashians, but it isn’t clear yet whether it will air in the United States or in Israel. Will you watch Jenna on her journey to become a Jew?

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