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What is Naked Yoga Like


Wouldn’t you love to be in a room surrounded by hot women doing yoga naked. It sounds like many people’s fantasy! Naked yoga is a new trend that has started in Australia, and journalist Cassie White tried it out and reported how it is to Mashable…so you don’t have to! To start, Cassie explains that she doesn’t have the best body confidence, and since she is a yoga instructor herself, she knows that most yoga posts aren’t really flattering to the body’s folds and figures. Despite feeling a lot of anxiety of having a stranger’s face close to her butt at the beginning of the class, once she started doing the poses, Cassie said that a lot of her worries started to fade away.

Doing the actual poses, Cassie was able to relax and feel really natural and even comfortable being naked in a room full of other naked women. However, at one moment in the class, the instructor, Rosie, told everyone to make noises to release their pent up energy. The women in the class started groaning, moaning, sighing and yelling. Cassie did find this a bit weird and didn’t feel that it vibed with her flow at that moment. Overall however, she found the experience liberating!

Would you do naked yoga, or would you just like to watch?

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