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Webcam Model Basics


Webcam Model Basics

Whether you’re a new model who needs to learn ropes or a seasoned professional who wants to improve her performances, we’ve pulled together some information designed to help you create an experience that has your clients begging for more!

At iSpylive we value our webcam models because they are a huge part of what makes this business successful. And while there are thousands of webcam models out there, a small percentage make the “big bucks’ and become career online webcam models. What sets these models apart is not only their paycheck, but also their professionalism and their motivation to succeed in this business. They are motivated to put their makeup on, do their hair and get in front of the camera each day for 4-6 hours at a time with a smiling face and a good attitude.

The first and most important thing that you need to understand is that this is a sales job. Granted, it’s a sales job that gives you the unique opportunity to use your looks and skills to get people to pay for you to show them your sexual pleasure, but you need to keep in mind that you are selling a product, and that product is YOU!

We believe that your performances can be an asset as you advertise and develop an online following using your unique performer ID number to announce performance times and special events via social media and advertise your services in adult content media outlets. We know that there is an audience for every type of webcam model out there, and that with a little bit of effort on your part, you will find an audience who will pay you to perform. Once you’ve developed a client base, you will want to continue to promote your webcam identity in order to increase your earning potential.

What we ask is that you behave in a professional manner. This means that you need start and end your cam sessions on time, and perform like a professional while on cam. The bottom line is that your professionalism is both essential to our reputation as a provider of quality webcam services and to your ability to increase your earning potential.

Starting out

Upload a variety of photos. Take pictures of yourself posing in different outfits from different angles. Tease your audience, but don’t include any nude shots (even if you take clothing off in private chat). You don’t need professional photos; you can use your computer camera to take pictures!

Set your schedule. Go into your profile and set your schedule, and then plan to stay online for several hours. For English speaking clients, the busiest viewing times are between 8pm-2am EST, and it can take up to 90 minutes for you to start to get busy once you’ve signed on to your webcam.

Use social media. Set up a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account that you can use to promote your webcam modeling. These social media outlets can be used to let people know when you’re online and help you attract viewers. Some of the most successful non-nude models have some of the most widely viewed social media pages and feeds, so make sure that once you’ve set yours up, you follow them!

Have fun! Webcam modeling is a job, but it’s a job that gives you the opportunity to perform on camera and interact with lots of new people. If you are having a good time chances are good that the people watching will enjoy watching you and want to see more of you!

Safety First

Every job has risks and this job is no exception. While the vast majority of customers are online to watch you perform and have no intention of causing you harm, it is better to be safe than sorry. Play it safe and follow a few simple rules.

Never give out your personal information. Do not give anyone your name, phone number or address, and be wary of clients who ask for your personal information. This means you need to pay attention to questions that clients ask so you don’t give them information that would allow them to locate or contact you. This also means that you need make sure your performance area is clear of anything that has personal information written on it or could give clients enough information to be able to find you. Remove all personal photos, certificates, memorabilia and correspondence from your work area before you turn on your camera.

Avoid using drugs and/or alcohol. They lower your inhibitions and cloud your judgment.

Never agree to meet a client in person. This is a job, not a dating service, so treat it as such and keep things professional.

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