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This Stupid Thief Stole What?


Thieves need to be smart if they want to get away with a crime. This sex toy thief is not too smart, and so, he got caught, on camera, stealing a women’s sex toy! There were actually two horny thieves working together. One guy distracted the shop worker, talking to her, presumably asking about sex toys. Then, the other XXX thief slips a display version of a vibrator into his pocket. Little does he know that the displays have been touched, poked and prodded by every single person that comes into the shop, so hopefully he doesn’t try to give it to his wife or girlfriend.

The video is from a sex shop in Russia, and hopefully the video helps them get caught! At least so someone can inform the recipient of the stolen object that it’s probably been touched by everyone who came into the shop to check it out…

Thankfully, they don’t seem to be as crazy as that sex toy thief from Illinois in August who claimed his name was “Obama is a Criminal” and was identified by the giant bulge in his pants that was not an erection but a g-spot stimulating vibrator.

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