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This Crazy Couple Has Never Had Sex


Think you’re feeling full from your Thanksgiving feast? You will probably feel a little less bloated after seeing Lin Yue and Den Yang, a couple from China who weigh a combine 882 pounds. While they have been married for 5 years, they haven’t even been able to have sex because of their combined bellies getting in the way. That sure is an extreme case of BBW!

However, Lin and Den will soon learn about the joys of fucking because they have opted to get bariatric surgery to reduce their bellies and become healthier. The couple reportedly made the decision after China’s fattest lady, Qian Qian, who used to weigh 538 pounds, announced her own decision to get weight loss surgery.

They’re saying that they are not necessarily doing the surgery so they can fuck, but so they can have a family, but come on, Lin and Den, you don’t have to be coy with us! You want to enjoy the fruits of your marriage. However, before they even get to have the surgery, they need to start on a fitness plan to lose a bit of weight and get healthier before they can both pop their cherries. How exciting for both of them!

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