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The Sexy Bridal Gown Trend

The Sexy Bridal Gown Trend

The New York Times recently covered a growing trend for bridal gowns – and it is a sexy one. Surprisingly, more and more brides want to look stunningly sensual on their special day, instead of looking proper and covered up. Some designers say this is due to red carpet trends worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian with plunging necklines, see through areas, short hems and skin hugging shapes. Many brides want to look great and they want to feel sexy, not traditional like brides have felt in the past. The other thing leading to this trend is that brides who are wedding-obsessed are more interested in trying dresses from smaller brands they haven’t heard of before, which is important in getting these sexy dresses out there because they are mostly made by Israeli designers and other designers from the Mediterranean region.

Israel is a surprising place for sexy dresses to come from, but as one Israeli designer tells it: “Maybe some people see Israel as a religious country, but it’s a very sexy country and a very open-minded country.” These sexier dresses are also quite expensive, with the ones at the lower end of the spectrum costing around $7,500. This is because since they hug every curve and have to look just perfect, they are often made to measure, not made to order. For the modern bride, looking sexy is important, that much is clear, but what about the pornstar bride?

From this Cosmo article, it appears that pornstars prefer more traditional dresses that are big and poofy, and look like they could be out of a storybook wedding. So, normal chicks want to look like pornstars and pornstars just want to look like that storybook fantasy. Either way, they’re all hot and sexy under those expensive dresses!

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