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The Real Dish on Cam Girls


Cam girls seem like amazing goddesses (they are!) and they are also mostly regular people who enjoy making good money from a fun job, and chatting with you while doing dirty deeds. Here are some fun facts about cam girls that you might find interesting, since you probably enjoy watching cam girls right here on iSpyLive!

First of all, cam models love camming because they get to work less and make the same amount of money. One girl estimated that she makes as much as she would make working 40 hours a week at a whatever hourly paid kind of job in just 4 cam shows! She loves it because that frees up the rest of her time to go to college or pursue anything else she wants! For many girls, they love camming and just want to do that forever as their job, but for others, they are using camming as a way to get to other places in life, and don’t want to do it forever.

One downside to being a camgirl is that sometimes people are mean. No cam girl likes a mean guy so, be nice! Remember, cam girls are people too.

However, on the plus side, you might think that there aren’t many guys who would be cool with dating a cam girl, but according to one who was asked, there are plenty of guys who are even intrigued by the profession and want to learn more while being supportive.

The best part of being a cam girl is probably all of the weird things cam models get to do like reading poetry while getting off or spanking themselves with kitchen implements! Get creative with your requests, because cam girls like to be intrigued and entertained by interesting sexual fetishes.


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