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The Next Thing in Sex Tech


First there were dildos, then clunky vibrators, and now there is a sex toy of pretty much any shape to pleasure your pussy however you want. But what is next? According to lots of sex toy companies, it’s going to be toys that can connect to your smartphone either to track your physical activity or to control the toy from afar.

WeVibe, is a large sex toy company that develops toys for couples, and has a signature C shaped toy that has seen many iterations over the past few years. It has one part that goes into the pussy and another part that goes right on the clit. It can be worn during sex or for solo play, and now, with the WeVibe app, the latest version can be used from a different location, and it also has video chat so you can watch the object of your affections as you give them an orgasm from halfway across the world.

One sex toy company CEO, Soumyadip Rakshit, says that he doesn’t think people are really ready for these connectivity features, and he also doesn’t know how comfortable they are with it. He hopes to include connectivity options for his clients, but wants to be sure they know it’s just extra, and they can also use the sex toy as they please. He hypothesizes that people do not want more apps or trackers in their lives, they just want more pleasure!

You might think that using technology in the bedroom could decrease intimacy, but one specialist actually thinks these devices might help to increase intimacy if they are used once in a while. How do you feel about apps in the bedroom?

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