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The Modern Sex Toy Experience

Modern Sex Toy Experience

On writer from NY Mag, Meaghan O’Connell was on a very important quest. A quest to purchase a sex toy. She is a busy mom who is also married, and her sexual needs are currently quite low. As she put it: “I can come in about three minutes flat when the mood is right but if it isn’t, forget about it. The mood, so often, is not right.” Hence why she was seeking the services of a vibrator. While she disliked the idea of actually spending money on a sexual device, she also liked the idea of just having an orgasm, so, she went to the sex toy store with her husband, Dustin.

Popular sex toy stores today are more like boutiques than the creepy sex stores of yore. No longer are there creepy old guys peddling vibrators to curious freaks who are trying to keep their sexual tastes under wraps, but now cute women sell androgynous phalluses that have as many bells and whistles as your smartphone.

Ms. O’Connell loves the idea of the modern sex toy boutique, in theory. After all, they are sex positive and sex is good, right? However, when actually walking into one, she tends to feel a bit awkward. First of all, while it is a sexual experience, you don’t go into a sex toy store horny, because that is just weird. She likens the decor of her local boutique to “futuristic hair salons or frozen-yogurt shops, with bright colors offsetting black-and-white stock photos of people grinning the grin of a person who, just out of frame, is getting rammed with an oversize dildo.” She finds them a bit too medical, and very sleek, but not all that sexy.

Well, Meaghan wasn’t inspired to buy something at her local spacey sex store, instead she decided to buy something online. How do you shop for toys?

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