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The Kooky Treatment That Can Revive Your Sex Drive


For females who are feeling a lack of sex drive, there isn’t much to be done medically. Sure, guys have all sorts of pills and devices to help them get a stiffie and perform their duties, but women are usually just out of luck. Lubrication can help, but it doesn’t bring back the magic of feeling genuinely aroused. This new treatment has also been used by Kim Kardashian on her face to revitalize her skin. Let’s just say, the name of the treatment is called a “Vampire Vagina Injection” and involved the same bodily substance as what comes out when a girl gets her cherry popped, or when she is menstruating.

So, how exactly does the vampire injection bring back a lady’s long dead libido? Well, a doctor extracts some of the viscous red substance from her arm, and does some science voodoo on it to get the most healthy and vitalized cells from it. Then, it gets injected into her pussy area, specifically, into her clitoris and her vagina. It sounds like a science fiction version of porn, a kinky story about creating a super horny race of women, but it’s real!  The subject in this article on The Mirror said that she didn’t even feel the injections, which was her greatest fear.

2 weeks after the shot, she had a solo masturbation session to test the waters and said that it was really one of the best orgasms she had ever had. Since then she’s had sex with one guy, and she said she came 5 or 6 times. However, beware if you’re thinking of getting what is becoming known as the O shot, which has been given to 30,000 women world wide so far, it only improves sex drive and function in about 85% of women.

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