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The Biebs Was Offered $1 Million for This


Earlier in October someone was snooping on Justin Bieber while he was hanging out naked at his bungalow in Bora Bora. He walked out onto the terrace, fully nude and with messed up hair, presumably from taking a nap, and you could see his full cock, probably at half mast. It was a decent dick, assuming that was not his full erection length, and of course his true fans just went wild. According to an interview Bieber gave later on, he was experiencing some shrinkage at that time, so there’s a good chance he’s got a nice sized cock when it comes time to fuck. Even his dad embarrassingly said that he was proud of Justin for his cock size.

While any celebrity photo leak is a violation of privacy, especially when it involves nude photos, one company wants to turn this negative into a positive for Justin. Clone-A-Willy, a company that offers clients kits to take home to make their own dildos of their favorite penises, has offered Justin Bieber $1,000,000 to endorse their unique product. They want to put a billboard in West Hollywood with a picture of the Biebs and their product. In their offer letter, they added that it might even help his dating life, although, it doesn’t seem like Justin needs any help since he is already living the dream by dating the beautiful Jayde Pierce, and his ex is pop star Selena Gomez.

The deal doesn’t seem to include the company making a dildo of Justin’s dick and selling it to all the Beliebers of the world, but that is certainly a great idea and someone should do it. Did you see Justin’s dick? What did you think of it?

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