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Posted on: February 2, 2016

Twitter star Benny James is getting bored of his playboy lifestyle, because he is having trouble finding the right lady to really settle down with and have a family. Benny says that most ladies don’t actually like him, they just like him for sex, and he has a fetish for new girls, since he often has trouble keeping a stiffie after he’s fucked someone once. His longest relationship ever only lasted a week, and he usually breaks up with girls after just one day, because he just doesn’t want to talk to them after he’s had sex with them.

Posted on: November 22, 2015

But why would Margaret make such a statement? Because she wants to see conditions improve for escorts and pro dommes in the US.“It’s hard work that’s not protected by law enforcement or unions. It’s unfair. We have the right to our bodies +work.” Cho tweeted after her initial bomb drop. Margaret Cho has the attitude towards sex work that most escorts, phone sex operators and pornstars have. It’s a really fun job that not only pays well but also provides a valuable service to society. Hence why you will find forms of sex work in almost any culture and people often refer to it as the oldest profession.

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