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Posted on: January 30, 2016

Facebook, who doesn’t like nudity very much, recently went so far as to remove photos of a beloved statue in Copenhagen, of The Little Mermaid, which is a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson, who lived in the city. Danish politician Mette Gjerskov had posted a picture on the social network which had the statue in it, and it got taken down! Gjerskov called the banning of the post “totally ludicrous.”

Posted on: January 23, 2016

The nude photoshoot was part of W Magazine’s Best Performances issue which celebrates the best movie performances in 2015. Also in the issue, clothed, were Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks. Charlize was in Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015 which allowed her fans to see her in a fun new kind of role where she was styled in sexy post apocalyptic styles which proved that even the dismal future can be hot!

Posted on: January 22, 2016

Courtney loves to treat her fans and followers to a little something naughty on her social media feeds and if you follow her you won’t be disappointed. She especially loves to post fun things on holidays. For an X-Mas present to her fans this year she posted a picture of herself showing off her tits while wrapped up in bright Christmas lights, and on New Years Eve she posted a nude pic of her having fun skinny dipping!

Posted on: January 21, 2016

This year shows such as The Leftovers on HBO saw actors Chris Zylka strutting their bare booties. There was also that time Tobias Menzies let it all hang out on Outlanders, and a whole list of shows including Penny Dreadful and Sense 8 also saw their share of male parts being exposed. Nancy Pimental, the executive producer of a show called Shameless, which is quite shameless with their use of nudity and even included in their pilot said “we’ve made nudity just part of the characters’ lives, as opposed to, all right, where can we put some cock in this episode?”

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