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Study Shows Sexy Women are Smart


There are some stereotypes floating around that when you see a woman in hot clothing that she is overly sexualized and probably not very smart, but a new study performed at a UK University shows that the opposite of this might be true. The study shows that women who wear slutty clothes might actually be perceived as even more intelligent than the average chick. Even more surprising, a girl wearing sexy clothing could be perceived as more likely to be a faithful and trustworthy partner, which is definitely contrary to what you might believe would be true! This study shows that attitudes towards sexual women could be changing.

The study consisted of showing 64 college students photos of a fashion model wearing a sexy outfit with a shirt that showed off her cleavage, and a short skirt. Then they were also shown a picture of the same model wearing a long skirt with a more modest shirt. The students then had to fill out a survey about the woman after viewing each picture. They had to score her for intelligence, loyalty in a relationship, and how much she wanted to bone dudes. Strangely the participants always said that the more sexy woman was smarter and more faithful in relationships. What does it all mean? The researchers do believe it points to changing attitudes about sexuality and sexy women. When hot babes like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are media moguls that people trust, who are in committed marriages, it’s no wonder that people believe sexy people are more intelligent and more likely to be faithful because that is what is portrayed in the media for all to believe. Even though celebrities are just like us, they can influence popular opinions and behaviors. What do you think about sexily dressed women?

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