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Study Reveals People Hornier After Pregnancy


A new study has revealed that the opposite of what most people think about sex and marriage is true. You might think that after being married a couple of years, and after going through a pregnancy and now having to take care of a family, sex in marriages might go down the tubes, however, according to this study, it actually increases. This is good news for most people who are dreading the old ball and chain. The study was comprised of 1,118 couples who had gone through this process, and it showed that an astonishing 94% of them were happy with their sex lives, and 60% of them said that after getting pregnant, their sex lives actually improved!

The study did reveal that newly minted MILFs do feel kind of insecure about their bodies, and wait on average 58 days to have sex again once they’re not pregnant anymore. However, the study did reveal one discrepancy which was that men want sex twice a week and women only want it once. Regardless, it just shows that “the old ball and chain” excuse just doesn’t work anymore. Married couples who have had pregnancies can have exciting sex lives too, but maybe they just have to work a little harder to make time for sex, and try to make efforts to spice things up a bit. After all, once a pregnancy is done, a woman’s hormones are still running very high and she probably needs an outlet for all that sexual energy somewhere!

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