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Sexuality When You’re Sick


What do you think happens when you have a serious illness. Does your libido just go out the door? No! Terminally ill people still want to have sex, to have and maintain a physical and sensual relationship before they are no longer of this earth.

“When people are living with life-limiting and life-threatening illness, one of the many things on their mind often is how to stay in connection with their loved ones, including with their partners” Said Dr. Sharon Bober, in a video on Huffington Post, and she says that sexuality is a good way to do this, but partners often don’t know quite how to bring it up.

Bober suggests that one way terminally ill patients or their partners can bring up having sex is to just say that they are missing that part of their life, and see if there is something that the couple can do together to bring back a bit of the spark. Sharon says that partners will know when it is time to have this talk since couples are usually more in tune with each other than they are with other people, but it can still be a scary topic to bring up.

Sometimes people can think that someone who is sick or terminally ill don’t think at all about sex or even intimacy, but according to Dr. Bober, a majority of terminally ill patients do want to talk about sex. So don’t count anyone out of the fuck game just yet!

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