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Sex Advice for the Religious


Religious people aren’t the most famous for being super sexually open. Since they have pretty boring sex, it’s not surprising that some of the people having religious sex aren’t too into it. So one blogger who got a question from a man who said his wife only has sex with him because she knows it is her religious duty, suggested that he not look at her face, instead taking pleasure in her beautiful and sexy body, since she refuses to connect with him emotionally during a fuck session.

Also, Pat Robertson, a conservative religious pundit told his fans that any wife can prevent her husband from stepping out just by being a better housekeeper. Wow, if only it was that easy then every wife would have a pot roast on the stove, and a sparkling clean house every day…not!

However, fear not because it pretty much only seems to be Christian conservatives who have trouble connecting reality with sexuality. In Orthodox Judaism, sure, men can’t touch their wives or have sex while they have their periods and for 7 days after, but for one blogger on YourTango, she said that separation made their sexual connection even hotter. It increased their sexual energy when the attraction between them was magnetized by the fact that they couldn’t even touch. In Judaism sex isn’t shameful or bad, it’s something to be celebrated!

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