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Selena Gomez – All Sexy and Grown

Selena Gomez – All Sexy and Grown

Selena Gomez started out on Disney in some TV Shows, but now she is 23 years old and she’s making her own decisions. She recently did a very sexy photoshoot where she was even topless in one of the pictures. Her shoot was for GQ magazine, which explains why it was so sexually charged. Even the pictures that weren’t nude were very sexy and hot. The topless pic features Selena laying down on her stomach staring seductively at the camera and thus, straight at you. In the photo shoot, Selena didn’t wear too much in the way of makeup, but wore just enough to give her skin a fresh and dewy look, with a bit of eyeliner to make her brown eyes pop. The other pics feature Selena in different combinations of lingerie or bathing suits that will make any fan of Ms. Gomez drool.

Selena used to date Justin Bieber, but the power pop couple broke up so now Selena is single and flyin’ free. The pop princess has also had some troubles in the past few years. She has the disease lupus and has undergone chemotherapy for that, causing rumors to fly about the sexy star’s body and health. Selena opens up about her health experiences in the GQ article and gives insight into what is going on behind that pretty face and sexy body. She also talks about her hopes and dreams, including becoming a successful film actress. She also expressed that she wants people to see her as a woman who is capable of making her own decisions. Overall, Selena has released 5 albums and has starred in a number of films, with plans for more.

See it for yourself, Selena is all grown up and looking very sexy at nearly 24 years old!


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