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Pokemon Creating Lingerie Line


The official Pokemon company, the creators of the cartoon and card game that you probably used to love to play (and maybe you still do?) has officially ordered and licenced a Pokemon themed lingerie line, according to many news sources. The line will be to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary, and make nerds everywhere jizz their pants! While the ads for the lingerie line show Pikachu bras and panties on beautiful Asian models, it’s reported that these won’t be available as part of the collection. Instead the collection will consist of robes with hoods, sleeping eye masks and boy short panties. There will also be a tank top and “sleep shorts” which superfans might want to wear outside of the boudoir, as well as a Pokeball cosmetic bag.. The collection went on sale on April 20th and you can check it out here, at Yummy Mart, a Japanese online store. It’s not clear how easy it will be to purchase the skivvies and have them shipped to the western world, but, you might just be happier knowing that somewhere in the world is a hot chick wearing Pikachu panties.

Since Pokemon started in 1996, a lot of the people who play it are surely looking for things to add to their adult wardrobe, and this is just the perfect thing. Who needs lace when you’ve got an adorable Pikachu face covering your crotch, or a Pokeball decorating your shorts? Plus, pay attention now trainers, while Pokemon has seen a downsurge in the past few years, the franchise has finally made a mobile app so you can expect to see a comeback any day now with a whole new generation of those interested in Pokemon and catching them all!

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