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No More Nudes for Playboy


Playboy announced last month that it would stop publishing nudes in its magazine. Starting in February 2016, the models in the magazine will still be posed provocatively, but they will all be wearing sexy lingerie instead of being fully naked. Playboy CEO Scott Flanders told news sources that it was the large amount of internet porn that is available which led to this decision – they feel it is no longer all that special to see a beautiful woman naked.

Another reason is that Playboy wants their app and web versions to be a bit more “safe for work” since people tend to look at online content when they are slacking off at the office. Earlier this year they already removed all nudity from their website to achieve that goal. While the company know it is a “risk” to go non-nude, one Playboy staffer told news sources that Playboy has been built upon risk, since at the time of its first publication in 1953 such a subject matter was pretty taboo, and they are willing to take yet another risk!

So now it seems like people will really start reading Playboy “just for the articles…” which is an explanation that seemed completely unlikely in the time when nude beauties were the feature of the magazine.

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