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New Artistic Sex Toy for Men


Whan Bastian Buijs, a Dutch designer, designed the Satyr, a new sex toy for men, he had a vision of changing the view of a lonely old man. Often we might think of guys at home alone with their blowup doll, watching porn. Bastian created a beautiful piece of art that any man would be proud to both fuck and display in their home. It is called the Satyr and it looks kind of like a red gob of candle wax melted over some stool legs.

Upon closer inspection, the stool is actually an artistic rendition of a horizontal woman’s torso, and there is a convenient hole right where the pussy would be. Inside of the pussy is a removable sleeve that can be cleaned. There is also a battery which causes the whole unit to move and vibrate when a guy is using his toy. Bastian thinks that sex drives are as normal as hunger or thirst, and he wanted to make a toy that puts sex in the same category as eating a sandwich or having a glass of water in that it doesn’t need to be hidden.

The same designer has also created a beautiful steampunk looking wind up dildo vibrator, for the same purpose, but for women. It is called the Grandfather Clock and he feels it should be displayed on top of the dresser, not hidden away inside. “Men are looking at this sex toy with a different feeling, and thinking holy f*ck this looks great,” he said in one article online.


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