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New 3D Movie is Very Sexy


Gaspar Noe is a director of artistic films that often make people think. His latest endeavor is a 3D movie called Love. If you watch it, you might actually mistake it for a porn movie! Apparently the first scene is a very graphic depiction of two lovers getting each other off with their hands. The girl gives the guy a very comprehensive handjob and he fingerbangs her.

The movie itself is kind of sexy, but is also pretty sad. It is about a film student, Murphy, recollecting his relationship with Electra that is now over because he cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. Now he lives with this woman, Omi, but he doesn’t love her, and can’t stop thinking about Electra even though they broke up over a year ago. Luckily for all of the film’s viewers, the film student had a pretty salacious relationship and the movie is not censored like most films are today. Many portions of this French cinema piece could probably be considered softcore porn! According to a source, the sex scenes in the film were all natural, and weren’t choreographed. While critics didn’t really appreciate this film as a work of art, some other people might appreciate it for it’s raw sexuality.


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