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Men Act Differently At The Office These Days


These days, there are sometimes claims of sexual harassment or even discrimination at big companies. Women say there aren’t enough of the female variety at the top, but one researcher says it’s not because men don’t like women or don’t think they are smart enough, it’s because they have a hard time interacting with women in the say way they do with men. Guys have a certain camaraderie with each other because they feel like they are on the same page and don’t really have to worry too much about offending each other with inappropriate advances. So, when they go out for a fun evening with the male counterparts of the office, the ladies often get left out, which doesn’t give them as much opportunities for advancement since their bosses don’t know them as well. But it’s more than just the fact that men are usually better friends with men and women are better friends with women. It’s actually that men and women are seriously just awkward around each other!

Dr. Elsesser, a former Wall Street maven, has written a book that tries to explain why men and women have so much trouble getting along in a professional environment. She suggests that ladies and guys who try to get together for a friendship only relationship might always feel a certain sexual tension, or at least wonder if their friend has a crush on them. Flirting in a professional environment usually doesn’t go well, either because the female object of a come on will get mad, or because it will make her feel uncomfortable in her job and she won’t feel as comfortable to speak up and make important business observations and decisions.


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