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Maisie Williams Comes Out as “Unlabeled”


It’s pretty popular these days for movie and TV stars to come out as…nothing. Well, not nothing, but basically they come out as gay or bisexual by stating that they don’t want to label their sexualities, and another cute 19 year old star from the show Game of Thrones has done just that. Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark on the show, gave a very tell all interview in Nylon magazine where she discussed her sexuality. “There is a label for everything now, which is okay, because some people need labels,” she explained, though she herself eschews the labels such as straight or gay. Maisie quoted Shailene Williams, another hot 24 year old actress who once said that she falls “in love with personalities and not people or genders.” This would point to the idea that perhaps Maisie is pansexual, enjoying people of any gender or orientation.

As she is so open minded, the sexy brunette does not mind when other people need to use labels, but she just doesn’t do it. Ms. Williams does currently have a boyfriend, so she is off the market for now, guys and gals, but one can still dream about this 19 year old dream. As Maisie steps into a more adult image, some of her fans don’t like her persona. “When I step out with a shorter skirt on, or a little bit more makeup, people say, ‘What’s happening?’ But this is what I do in everyday life. It’s who I am.” Maisie explained about how she has more adult tastes now that she is almost 20 years old and finding that her tastes and desires are more mature than they used to be. Maisie went on to say that the worst role model for someone else is someone who is “clean and neat,” which is why she has been more public about wearing more revealing clothing and a bit of makeup out in public.

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