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Kenyan Officials Allegedly Bought This With Expense Accounts


When you have a fat expense account from your job, what do you buy with it? Sure, you might sneak a fancy dinner and charge it to the company, or even a nice pair of shoes and say it is for work, but these Kenyan officials allegedly bought something that it might be hard to explain to their bosses: sex toys. Not only did they possibly buy sex toys, but they bought them at inflated prices, and also allegedly bought expensive condom dispensers, a piano, and a very expensive TV which is said to have cost about $19,000. Now how do you explain that to your boss?

One official was on trial for about 4 hours, while she alleged to a committee that she doesn’t actually buy anything for the ministry in question. Kenyan people are not happy to hear that their precious tax dollars are being used for things that are so fickle, but, sex toys are fun and everyone should have at least one, so who are we to judge! It still doesn’t sound as silly as things in the US where one EPA employee who was allegedly found to be watching porn at his desk for around 6 hours per day never got fired from his $120,000/year job.


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