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India’s Original Roots are So Sexy


India is a country that you probably wouldn’t think of as very sexually open these days, but did you know that prior to the 13th century, India was a very sexual place! At that time, the country had 85 temples that were simply dedicated to sex and sexuality. Many of those temples have been destroyed over the years that have passed, but 22 of those temples do still exist today, and mainly serve as tourist attractions, with their beautiful nude and orgy statues outside. These statues signified to worshippers that it was time to leave their earthly senses outside to come in and experience the divine sexuality provided by deities.

Before the 13th century, sexuality was quite important in Indian culture and formal education included education about sexuality. Of course, you know the Kama Sutra, which is a book with tons of sex positions to try, came from Indian culture around this time. Sex was so important that they made a book of all of the nutty sex positions you could try.

If you want to travel to India to see these temples, the most graphic one is in Khajuraho, a small town in central India, in a state called Madhya Pradesh. When you first look, you might think that the ornate sculptures here are just like the ones at any temple in India, beautiful and showing religious acts, gods and goddesses, but if you pay a bit closer attention, you will see that it is actually showing you some wild sex scenes! The temple here is still in working order, and there are people there who sell incense and flowers for guests to pray with. So, whenever you feel the urge to thank the universe for the pleasure of sex, head over to Khajuraho!

Sexuality in India at this earlier time was about more than just pleasure. People liked these carvings because sex, to them, also represented new beginnings and new life.

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