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How Much Sex Do You Need to Have?

How Much Sex Do You Need to Have?

A new study can give couples and singles alike some insight as to how often they should really be having sex. It’s no rarity for couples to have differences in how much they desire to have sex. Often times, one partner wants to have tons of sex while the other doesn’t want to have any at all. This can lead to one partner feeling undesirable, and less than sexy. This study, performed at The University of Toronto, found some interesting things about how often couples can have sex which might be a good middle ground for couples whose members have varying degrees of sexual desires.

The study found that even though couples who have more sex did report feeling happier, the benefit of having “more” sex didn’t really go up after couples had sex at least once a week. So what that means for you and your relationship is that if you have sex 5 times per week or just once, you will still be about as happy with your sex life. Some of the researchers involved with the case feel that once a week is pretty much a realistic goal that couples can work towards to make each other happy.

Some people criticize the study, because they say that in the study it is not clear if happier couples just have more sex – or if it was the sex itself that was making the couples happier. The other problem some have with the study is that there really isn’t one clear number that will work exactly for each and every couple. One couple might be happier with once every two weeks, while other couples might be happier with twice a week. A study can’t determine what exactly will make you the happiest, but it can begin to give behavioral scientists ideas about ideal human interactions.

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