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Heidi Klum’s Sexy Halloween Costume


Heidi Klum is well known not only for being a beautiful model, a hot MILF and an amazing TV show host, but she is also famous for throwing the best Halloween bashes and of course having the most amazing halloween costumes. Her get ups are not always sexy, for example, the year she dressed as a very convincing old lady or the realistic looking insides of a body, but every once in a while she does one that will make all of her fans drool with lust. This year Heidi Klum dressed as Jessica Rabbit from a funny Roger Rabbit movie.

Her costume consisted of several strategically placed prosthetics the least of which was some facial prosthetics to make her face look more cartoonish. The other ones were to enhance her petite bust and ass into cartoon proportions. By the end of her transformation she certainly looked the most voluptuous she has ever looked in her life! Heidi’s costume looked so realistic that you might think her new tits and ass really belonged to her. Her face looked more porn-y than the most pornerific pornstar and her lips would definitely look amazing wrapped around a cock. Perhaps Heidi is trying on a new outfit to see what it is like to be a Barbied up star like Courtney Taylor or Summer Brielle!

She really knew how to work these new assets as well, and her makeup only highlighted her newfound outrageous sex appeal.


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