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Farrah’s Third Set of Boobs


Farrah Abraham, reality star, MILF and plastic surgery connoisseur recently added a new achievement to her surgical medal board, which is a third breast augmentation. Farrah says that the latest one wasn’t to go bigger – although she did enhance her bust by 150CCs, from a 650CC implant to 800CC. Farrah is calling this one a reconstruction, because her old implants were giving her issues with pain and a burning sensation. Farrah started out life as a cute A Cup, and then in 2011 went to a C cup to improve her “modeling” career. Since then she has had a few other surgeries including a nose job and a botched lip implant.

Everyone is talking because fame loving Farrah actually posted a nude topless photo of her new breasts for all of her fans, and even allowed cameras to follow her into the operating room to document the procedure. After the procedure, she not only posted nude pics, but also pics of how her old bra didn’t even fit anymore!

Farrah has had some trouble and she also has a lot of critics. She has a sour attitude many times and really has no problem telling it like it is. Many of her fans don’t like her because she has shed her formerly wholesome attitude for a career that is based off of sex appeal, but MILF Farrah is just doing what she has to do to provide a really luxurious life for her and her daughter!

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