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Disabled People Want Sex Toys Too


Sex toys are becoming more popular and more accepted, even in conservative circles. This is great for everyone, but the one problem is there aren’t really any sex toys available for people with disabilities. It is often wrongly assumed that differently abled people don’t feel like having sex, or even that they can’t have sex. One company, Tantus, who usually makes high quality silicone dildos, has taken it upon themselves to create a new vibrator that will be for everyone – including differently abled people. The new sex toy will be called Rumble.

The idea behind Rumble is that it will be lightweight and easy to hold.  It will be balanced so that it just rests in the hand, instead of needing to be gripped by the hand. Many people think it is on the right track, however, Karolyn Gehrig, an activist for people with disabilities, and someone with a disability herself, says there really is no one size fits all option. For her personally, toys with strong vibrations don’t work for her hands.

However, there are some toys that are great for people with disabilities, that maybe weren’t even made with that purpose. Karolyn offers the liberator pillow as an example. It is great at supporting bodies that aren’t great at supporting themselves during fucking, because that is what it was made for. It is a toy that can be used by both able bodies and differently abled people. Other hands free sex toys like the WeVibe or another hands free clitoral vibrator called the Eva offer people with limited mobility the option for solo masturbation sessions.


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