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Posted on: February 8, 2016

Stats show that older couples were more likely to have had sex on their wedding night. Two thirds of those over 60 said they had sex on their wedding night, as opposed to 58% of those between ages 18-39. In addition, people between 18 and 39 had the highest percentage of people who didn’t even remember if they had sex on their wedding night, at 8%, while other ages has this metric around 5%. The ages of 40-59 had the highest rate of a sure sexual experience on the wedding night with lucky 69%.

Posted on: January 13, 2016

Most of the stories from the TLC show Sex Sent me to the ER might make your balls shrivel up and shrink to the size of an ant. Take this one for example. Josh and Amber, a nice looking couple from the south with an adventurous sex live, once had a bit mishap. Amber read an article about vajacials, which are like facials for your vagina. She decided to do one at home and it didn’t turn out so well.

Posted on: January 8, 2016

A new study did reveal that newly minted MILFs do feel kind of insecure about their bodies, and wait on average 58 days to have sex again once they’re not pregnant anymore. However, the study did reveal one discrepancy which was that men want sex twice a week and women only want it once.

Posted on: December 17, 2015

Married people have a whole different kind of sex than you might see in a porn movie. Married couples probably try to fuck whenever they have a spare moment like in the shower, at a hotel or even during the commercial breaks of your favorite TV shows!

Posted on: December 1, 2015

Lin Yue and Den Yang, a couple from China, weigh a combine 882 pounds. While they have been married for 5 years, they haven’t even been able to have sex because of their combined bellies getting in the way. That sure is an extreme case of BBW!

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Posted on: November 10, 2015

Now, thanks to artist Mark Sturckenboom, you can also have the ashes of your loved one put into a beautiful glass dildo, so they’ll still be able to fuck you, even after they’ve passed on. 21 grams is supposed to be the weight of a soul, so, that is how many grams of the deceased ashes Mark puts into the dildo. He also includes a perfume bottle with the closest approximation of their “scent,” and some music or sounds that play when you open the beautiful white box that the whole kit comes in.

Posted on: October 22, 2015

So you are looking for some horny couples for your camshow needs? You are all kinky like that and you are into couples camshows to watch and get turned on by? Why is that? Are…
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Posted on: September 24, 2015

Meet H0rnyCpl69X, a sexy as hell, hot couple from Romania that loves showing off on cam and they get off teasing others, like you and me, with their steamy sexy sessions that could make anyone…
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Posted on: September 23, 2015

Meet NickandMaya, a sexy amateur Romanian couple that loves to get on their cams and have a live chat with their fans and friends, they are very sexual and very horny – one and the…
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Posted on: September 10, 2015

Well, would you call this guy lucky, insecure and arrogant, or what? I am not sure what you would call him, but I am pretty sure that would be along the lines of a luckyguy,…
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