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Cam Model Tips: Getting Started on Your First Live Cam

Cam Model Tips: Getting Started on Your First Live Cam

SO, You want to become a Cam Model and you don’t know where to start – Get Started Here!


One of the most important parts of your performance is your performance space. An attractive, well-lit space where you can be easily seen from your cam, can help you maximize your earning potential!

Your Space

Make sure that there is a contrast in color between the wall and the surface you’ll perform on. A white wall and a white bed cover are sterile rather than sexy and a dark wall and dark cover can make it difficult to see what you’re doing. If you’ve got a light wall, use a darker bed cover and if you’ve got dark walls, use a lighter bed cover.

Remove all distractions from the space. You should never be interrupted by children, pets, phone calls or other people (unless they’re performing with you) when you are on camera!

Have everything you need. Before you begin your webcam session, make sure that you have everything you’ll need within reach (toys, wardrobe changes, something to drink) so that you do not leave your screen empty while you go get something. Empty webcam screens do not attract or keep customers.

Remove personal information. Before you begin your session, you should remove all personal information (pictures, calendars, or anything that would allow a viewer to figure out where you live) from the camera area and make sure any client notes or reminders are out of view.


The correct lighting is very important, so you will need at least two sources of light or one very bright overhead light.

One direct source of light should be either an overhead source or a household lamp (remove the lampshade) with a bulb bright enough to illuminate the entire room. This lamp should be at the same height as your camera and placed approximately 1-2 feet away from it. The second source should be a lamp with a 100-watt bulb placed directly behind your camera.

Do not place a lighting source behind you as it will cast shadows and make it difficult for your audience to see what you are doing.


Make sure you have checked the angle and scope of your camera before you open your chat. You should be able to seamlessly move from chatting to performing without have to adjust the camera.

Try taking a few test shots of your area to see the view that your clients will have, and use a point of reference (like a small mark on the wall or a pushpin) to help you align your camera for each session.


If you play music while you are on camera, make sure the music is turned low enough for your clients to hear you.

Make sure your choice of music fits the mood you are trying to create, and make sure you have enough of it loaded on your play list to last throughout your entire session.

Try to avoid using well-known streaming programs, as there is nothing that will kill the mood faster than a commercial announcement in the middle of a private session.

Understanding the Customer

As a webcam model, your job is to understand what the customer wants, and then give it to them! These tips for understanding your customer will help you maximize your earning potential by identifying the most common things customers do and don’t want from models.

What They Want

Customers come to your chat room looking for entertainment. They want to escape the world they live in and feel all of the things they don’t feel in their day-to-day life. It is your job to fulfill their fantasies. You are the fantasy that never says no, so make it a habit of saying yes as often as possible, and when you can’t say yes to one thing, find something else you can say yes to!

Clients also want a reason to say yes to parting with their hard earned money to see you perform. Make it easy for them to do this by being friendly, warm, welcoming, flirty, sexy, and attentive, and you will find yourselves constantly in demand.

What They Don’t Want

Clients are visiting webcam sites to escape their problems, not to be forced to listen to yours. Do not use your webcam chat room as a place complain about your problems or otherwise burden your clients with all that is wrong with your life.

If you are a couple, DO NOT belittle or insult each other (unless that’s your kink) or fight on screen. Not only do you turn clients off, you also risk creating a situation in which a client wants to “rescue” one of you. Save the drama for when you are off screen.

Clients do not want to be badgered, bullied or guilted into paying for services. They want to be enticed, enchanted and seduced into a fantasy that leaves them no other option but to do whatever they have to in order to be alone with you.

Personal Attention

Paying attention to details makes all the difference when it comes to creating a loyal client following and maximizing your earning potential. Customers want to feel valued, so when you take the time to do that, they will most certainly reward you by paying to see you perform!

Use names. Always remember to use your customers’ names as much as possible when talking to them, as it will make them feel like you know them. Clients are much more likely to purchase private sessions if they feel like you “know” them and they “know” you.

Remember details. After you finish a private chat, take a few moments to write down the client’s name and their preferences. This will make it easier for you to remember their individual likes when they return, and it will make them feel special that you remember.

Use details. Remembering your good client’s names, personal information, and preferences, and referring to them in flirty ways in free chat sessions (never embarrass them or divulge something they have told you is private) is a good way to show potential new clients how you will treat them.

Stroke egos. You might say something like, “So [insert name], I’ve been waiting for you to come back and teach me another naughty lesson! I’m getting wet just thinking about what you might do with me this time!” This serves two purposes, it strokes the client’s ego while encouraging them to purchase another private session, and it show potential clients that your private sessions are something worth paying for!

Live Chat Tips

Learning to use live chat as an opportunity to sell private sessions is a skill that takes some practice. However, if you use the following tips to manage your live chat room, you can be turning free chat into paid private sessions in no time!

Your Chat Room

Be in on screen when your camera is on. Empty webcam screens are the quickest way to loose potential clients!

You are going to spend a lot of time hanging out in your chat room. Make sure that when you are in your webcam session, you are paying attention to the screen. If customers click on your room and find that you don’t interact with them, they’ll leave.

Make your cam room a fun place to visit! The more traffic you have, the more likely you are to have customers who want to go private with you, so make it your mission to make your room someplace sexy and enticing.

Free Chat

Free chat is the way to draw in potential clients and entice them into private chats. Talk with customers, get to know them, let them get to know you, but remember that free chat does not earn money!

You should use free chat to tease potential clients, but not give anything away for free. If you destroy the mystery in free chat, you will find you have few clients willing to join you in private.

Free chat should be friendly, but should also have the goal of selling private shows, so be engaging, flirty and sexy as a way to sell your private talents, but always be aiming to get viewers into a private session.

Working the Room

As you begin to attract more clients to your chat room, you’ll need to be able to manage a group effectively in order to identify the ones who are likely to choose to join you in private chat

Chat with everyone in the room. Don’t focus your attention on one or two clients. Treat your chat room like a big cocktail party and circulate! You may want to turn on your microphone rather than try to type when the room gets busy.

Use the “flirt, and divert” approach. First, flirt a little to get them interested, and then start working the chat room. This is a real balancing act because if you don’t give them something, they’ll move on, yet the more attention you give them, the happier they are not buying a private show.

There are some who recommend playing your chat room clients off one another in an attempt to get them to compete for your attention. If you choose to do this, be forewarned that it can backfire by making your chat room an unpleasant place to visit.

Selling the Private Room

Buyers v. Lookers

The first rule is that you should never assume you know who will or won’t go to private chat – until you know. A general sales rule is that 80% of business is done by 20% of clients, but you don’t know who that 20% will be until you engage 100% of your audience. Clients over 30 are more likely to move to private chat than clients who are 18 to 20, but don’t assume this is true for all clients.

Don’t ignore the lurkers. Often times the quiet clients are the ones who are most likely to move to private chat because they don’t want to compete with the other clients in order to have your undivided attention. Encourage the quiet ones to join the conversation by saying something like, “Hey, don’t be shy! Come on all you non-chatters, join the party!”

Entice your chat audience to move to private chat by saying things like:

  • I’m so horny right now, I think I could cum in 2 minutes! Is there anybody up for the task?
  • I’ve been dreaming about sex all night long and I desperately need help making myself cum!
  • I haven’t cum once today. Who wants to give me my first orgasm?
  • My pussy is so hot and wet, and I need someone to help me satisfy it!
  • I haven’t cum in like five days. Someone help me! I’m going crazy!
  • I’ve been such a bad girl today, all I can think about is getting naked and making myself cum. Is there anybody who wants to make a bad girl feel good?

Once you get a feel for who is most likely to move to private chat, you can begin to focus more attention on them, but don’t exclude everyone else. Use the potential private session as a way to entice others to also go private. Your attention and your pleasure should be used as rewards for good behavior!

Turning Requests into Sessions

Know and respect your limits. If you are not comfortable doing anal, don’t promise to do it in a private session. If you oversell and don’t follow through, your clients will feel cheated and will be unlikely to return.

There are ways to turn your limits into opportunities for private sessions by controlling the language of the request. There may be things you are haven’t done, but are willing to try. Uses creatively use those things to answer all questions with positive responses. There are many ways to say “yes” even when your REAL answer is no.

  • Customer: “Do you do anal in private chat?” (what to say if you don’t, but are willing to try)
    Model: “I’m an anal virgin, will you go slow with me in a private show if I try for you?”
  • Customer: “Do you fist in private chat?” (what to say if you don’t, but are willing to try)
    Model: “I can try for you, so far I can only do three fingers, but I know I’ll turn you on no matter what.”
  • Customer: “Do you do girl on girl or couples shows?” (what to say if you don’t, but are willing to try)
    Model: “I do, but I have to know you really well first before I ask my girlfriend or boyfriend to come over. I’d really like it if you get to know me first.”
  • Customer: “Do you do double penetration in private shows?” (what to say if you don’t, but are willing to try)
    Model: “I’ve never done it, can you go slow with me and come teach me in my private room?
  • Customer: “Do you have toys?”
    Model: “I have a few, but I’m going to buy some more toys soon. Do you want to cum in my private room and be the one to suggest what kind of toys I should get?”
  • Customer: “Do you do phone shows?”
    Model: “I prefer having you watch me with both my hands free so that we can really have some fun!”

Be seductively honest, but don’t ever promise to try and do something you absolutely know you won’t do.

Embellish the truth, but don’t outright lie.

Learn to use free chat as the gateway to your private sessions and you’ll be making the “big bucks” in no time!

Dealing with Troublemakers

Every room has the one or two clients who act up in order to get your attention. Do not allow these people to divert your focus from the rest of the room. Instead, use the following tips to turn their bad behavior into an opportunity!

Maintain your game face. You only get once chance to make a first impression, and chances are good that other clients are watching how you respond to the bad kids.

Let the troublemaker know that it’s all about fun in your chat room, and then move on and reward the clients who are behaving the way you like with your attention. If the troublemaker begins behaving, then reward them with your attention, but if they continue to cause problems you may need to take action to calmly eliminate them from your chat room.

Keep in mind that some troublemakers have domination fetishes, so they’ll try to make you angry in order to get a free show. Use their fetish to get them to move to a private chat where you can give them their full force fantasy!

If handled well, you can turn a troublemaker’s actions into an opportunity to attract more clients by showing them that you are calm, confidant and committed to having fun.

As a webcam performer, you should always try to use your talent and ability to convert a rude or hostile visitor into a paying customer who is just dying to see you in a private show. Abusive customers are immature, ill-mannered people who can be redirected (most of the time) with some creative thinking. While your first impulse may be to kick troublemakers out of your chat room, first try the following technique.

A customer comes into your chat room and types in all caps shouting “SHOW ME PUSSY BITCH!” If you respond with, “Wow, you’re so demanding, I like that! Where are you from, (customer name)?” you will catch them off-guard and often times be able to redirect the conversation by taking control. It is the very last thing they expect to hear from you, and often times turns the demand into a civil conversation.

Other quick quips and conversation redirects you can use on demanding customers are:

  • Oh my, I love dominance! You must tell me where you went to school to learn that!
  • Mmmm, you’re someone who likes to be in control, I’ll bet you have a really interesting job!
  • Now here’s someone who knows what they want! Do you want to take me private and tell me what you want me to do?
  • Wow, that’s some demand you’re making! I’ll bet you could give [insert famous demanding person’s name] a run for their money!

It is much more productive (and profitable) to respond this way than by taking a negative approach and kicking hostile people out of your room. At times it may not be easy, but try to always maintain your composure, and be positive and happy on camera. It will pay off for you in the long run because other clients will witness and appreciate your calm, confident approach, and you’ll make more money having fun than you will policing your chat room.

A note to couples: It is absolutely essential that neither of you loose your cool on cam. If your audience sees you getting angry and/or becoming protective or jealous in free chat, they won’t trust you to keep your cool in private sessions. Be aware that there are many people whose main goal is to push your buttons until you lose your composure, and that if you give in to them; you’re hurting your own webcam business.

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