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Beautiful Photos Show the Life of a Pornstar


Believe it or not, the life of a pornstar isn’t all sucking and fucking 24×7. Pornstars have complex lives just like you. That is what Spanish photographer Katia Repina wanted to show when she met Marta, a girl who Katia followed around for 3 years while Marta was in the porn business. The two friends met when Marta had just been in the business for 2 weeks. Katia felt that Marta was different because she was very genuine and open, and wanted to see how being in the porn business would change her. So she decided to do a beautiful photography project to document Marta’s porn journey in a body of work called “Call me Marta.”

The series shows Marta doing everything from putting on makeup before a shoot, walking her dog on a cold day, working out at the gym, shooting porn and being with her boyfriend. Marta also gives some commentary on the photos and her experience in the biz. Marta says she is very firm with her boundaries, “I’ll say, ‘I do this, this and this. If you do not like it, I’m out.” She told Katia. Marta also says she sees shooting porn as a real job and she takes it pretty seriously, putting her pleasure second to getting actual pleasure from getting laid.

If you want to see the life of a European pornstar, then check out the photo series.

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