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A New Worry About Your Internet Sex Toys

A New Worry About Your Internet Sex Toys

There are a whole slew of new sex toys that are all part of the “internet of things” – ie, devices that we use in our every day lives which are connected to the internet to allow special features. Smart devices are great because they let us do things that were never before possible. Your smart fridge can keep track of what you’ve got inside so you’ll know when to get more, and now your dildos and vibrators can even be operated over the internet. However, these sex toys can actually be hacked just like your computer and other electronic devices.

A security firm called Trend Micro hacked into a vibrator at a technology conference earlier this month. “If I hack a vibrator it’s just fun, but if I can get to the back-end, I can blackmail the manufacturer,” explained Raimund Genes, CTO of Trend Micro. Manufacturers of internet connected sex toys don’t always think of them as devices that might need security, and so security might end up being slapped on sloppily at the end of the process, if at all. The main thing that users would need to really worry about is if your toy has any kind of webcam attached to it. If it does, hackers could get into your device and record video without you even knowing. It would be great to star in a porn movie, but you probably would rather be in control of that scenario.

Some manufacturers, like Lovense, have actually taken their clients’ security into account when creating their toys. “We take our customer’s private data very seriously, which is why we don’t serve any [data] on our servers.” The point is, it might be best to research the security practices of sex toy companies before you buy an internet connected sex toy!

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