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Monthly Archive: November 2015

Posted on: November 20, 2015

However, there are some toys that are great for people with disabilities, that maybe weren’t even made with that purpose. Karolyn offers the liberator pillow as an example. It is great at supporting bodies that aren’t great at supporting themselves during fucking, because that is what it was made for. It is a toy that can be used by both able bodies and differently abled people. Other hands free sex toys like the WeVibe or another hands free clitoral vibrator called the Eva offer people with limited mobility the option for solo masturbation sessions.

Posted on: November 19, 2015

The series shows Marta doing everything from putting on makeup before a shoot, walking her dog on a cold day, working out at the gym, shooting porn and being with her boyfriend. Marta also gives some commentary on the photos and her experience in the biz. Marta says she is very firm with her boundaries, “I’ll say, ‘I do this, this and this. If you do not like it, I’m out.” She told Katia. Marta also says she sees shooting porn as a real job and she takes it pretty seriously, putting her pleasure second to getting actual pleasure from getting laid.

Posted on: November 18, 2015

Lisa Ann is a sexy MILF pornstar who recently retired from a 21 year career of fucking in films to indulge in her second greatest love: sports. She is basically every guy’s fantasy. She joined the porn biz in 1994 at the age of 22 and stuck around until she achieved mega MILF status. She has starred in more than 500 porn movies over the past 20 years and she is one of the few pornstars to practically become a household name. It’s no wonder she is so popular, she had beautiful 38DD breasts that guys go gag over and an amazing personality to go with them.

Posted on: November 17, 2015

First there were dildos, then clunky vibrators, and now there is a sex toy of pretty much any shape to pleasure your pussy however you want. But what is next? According to lots of sex toy companies, it’s going to be toys that can connect to your smartphone either to track your physical activity or to control the toy from afar.

Posted on: November 16, 2015

However, this study was performed in Germany, and it is important to note that there are many cultural differences between the two countries. Interestingly enough, previous studies have actually found the opposite to be true, but one writer, Dr. Matt Johnson, from Canada explained the results from this German study: “There are cultural differences but if the logic held from the prior studies, we would have expected to have a more pronounced negative impact of housework on sexuality in Germany because it’s a bit more traditional. But that wasn’t the case at all.”

Posted on: November 15, 2015

Playboy announced last month that it would stop publishing nudes in its magazine. Starting in February 2016, the models in the magazine will still be posed provocatively, but they will all be wearing sexy lingerie…
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Posted on: November 14, 2015

“When people are living with life-limiting and life-threatening illness, one of the many things on their mind often is how to stay in connection with their loved ones, including with their partners” Said Dr. Sharon Bober, in a video on Huffington Post, and she says that sexuality is a good way to do this, but partners often don’t know quite how to bring it up.

Posted on: November 13, 2015

Religious people aren’t the most famous for being super sexually open. Since they have pretty boring sex, it’s not surprising that some of the people having religious sex aren’t too into it. So one blogger who got a question from a man who said his wife only has sex with him because she knows it is her religious duty, suggested that he not look at her face, instead taking pleasure in her beautiful and sexy body, since she refuses to connect with him emotionally during a fuck session.

Posted on: November 12, 2015

The movie itself is kind of sexy, but is also pretty sad. It is about a film student, Murphy, recollecting his relationship with Electra that is now over because he cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. Now he lives with this woman, Omi, but he doesn’t love her, and can’t stop thinking about Electra even though they broke up over a year ago. Luckily for all of the film’s viewers, the film student had a pretty salacious relationship and the movie is not censored like most films are today. Many portions of this French cinema piece could probably be considered softcore porn! According to a source, the sex scenes in the film were all natural, and weren’t choreographed. While critics didn’t really appreciate this film as a work of art, some other people might appreciate it for it’s raw sexuality.

Posted on: November 11, 2015

Farrah has had some trouble and she also has a lot of critics. She has a sour attitude many times and really has no problem telling it like it is. Many of her fans don’t like her because she has shed her formerly wholesome attitude for a career that is based off of sex appeal, but MILF Farrah is just doing what she has to do to provide a really luxurious life for her and her daughter!

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